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Lucy Haynie

Mrs. Rice Haynie - Woman's Neck Broken by Fall

Mrs. Rice Haynie Falls From Barn Door and Neck Is Broken.

Mrs. Rice Haynie, age about 80 years, residing three miles south of Kingsland, fell from the barn door about 6 o'clock Monday afternoon, the fall breaking her neck.

She and her husband had been in the barn shucking corn when he left her to finish shucking while he went to the pasture to drive the cows up. When he returned, he found her lying before the barn door dead.

She had started to leave the barn and the top step gave way under her foot, causing her to fall on her head and breaking her neck. She died instantly.

Besides her husband, she leaves four children as follows: Jack Haynie of West, Texas; Mrs. Effie Bryant of Kingsland; Earnest Haynie of Tinsman, Ark.; and Mrs. Genie Rosser of Lawn, Tex.

Interment was made in the Morgan cemetery, six miles south of Kingsland.

Source: Cleveland County Herald, 14 May 1924