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Transcription and tombstone photos compliments of Carolyn McKinzie

 Macedonia Cemetery  Macedonia Cemetery

LOCATION:  Hwy. 35 South, Rison, Arkansas.


 Wiley J. Hall Tombstone

Wiley J. Hall

Clyde Herrington Sr., Tombstone  

Clyde Herrington Sr.

 Jim Herrington Tombstone

Jim Herrington


 John Herrington Tombstone

John Herrington

Virginia R. Herrington Tombstone 

Virginia R. Herrington 

Archie Mikell Huffman

Archie Mikell Huffman  


 Geneva and James Jacobs Tombstone

Geneva E. & James J. Jacobs

 Lee V. Jacobs Tombstone

Lee V. Jacobs

Nathern & Ethel Jacobs Tombstone  

Nathern & Ethel (Riggins) Jacobs


 Linda L. James Tombstone

Linda L. James, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Walter James




Donny L. James, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Walter James


Ronny D. James Tombstone 

Ronny D. James, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Walter James 


 Anna & S. P. Johnson Tombstone

Anna & S. P. Johnson

Graham & Elizabeth Johnson Tombstone  

Graham & Elizabeth Johnson

Gladys Edna Lain Tombstone  

Gladys Edna Lain


 Harvey Eugene Lain Tombstone

Harvey Eugene Lain

Joshua M. Lain Tombstone 

Joshua M. Lain, h/o  Mary Jane (Hopson)

 Mary Jane (Hopson) Lain Tombstone

Mary Jane (Hopson) Lain, w/o Joshua M. Lain


 Willie Lain Tombstone

Willie Lain, s/o Lee and Susie Lain

 Henrietta E. Lunsford Tombstone

Lunsford Tombstone

Henrietta E. Lunsford, w/o Jim Lunsford, d/o James W. & Mary Francis (Rogers) Puckett

Jim Lunsford Tombstone  

Jim Lunsford, h/o Henrietta E. (Puckett), s/o Alfred & Fannie (Jones) Lunsford


 Alex May Tombstone

Alex May

 Charlie Y. May Tombstone

Charlie Y. May

 David Larone May

David Larone May


 Elizabeth Still May Tombstone

Elizabeth Still May, w/o Gabriel May

 F. T. May Tombstone

F. T. May, s/o W. T. &  Annie May

Gabriel May 

Gabriel May, h/o Elizabeth Still May. VA Militia, War of 1812 


 Jennie German May Tombstone

Jennie German May

 Johnny Wayne May Tombstone

Johnny Wayne May

Lillie H. and Sidney T. May Tombstone  

Lillie H. & Sidney T. May


 Thomas S. May Tombstone

Thomas S. May, h/o Mary E. (Hopson) May

 William T. May Tombstone

William T. May

Lonnie D. May Tombstone  

Lonnie D. May


 Mary E. (Hopson) May Tombstone

Mary E. (Hopson) May, w/o Thomas S. May

Nancy J. May Tombstone  

Nancy J. May

Walter D. McClain Tombstone  

Walter D. McClain


 Jim S. & Cora L. McKinzie Tombstone

Jim S. & Cora L. McKinzie. Cora d/o John Ike & Hillie (Singleton) Lunsford

 James H. McKinzie Tombstone

James H. McKinzie, s/o Jake & Jeffie (Brown) McKinzie



Barbara S. (Bost) McKinzie, w/o Marvin Lawrence McKinzie 


 M. L. Jake & Jeffie McKinzie Tombstone

M. L. (Jake) & Jeffie (Brown) McKinzie.  Jake s/o Jim S. & Cora (Lunsford) McKinzie.  Jeffie d/o Hollis & Mary J. (Riggins) Brown

James S. McKinzie Tombstone 

James S. McKinzie, h/o Cora (Lunsford), s/o George M. & Delar (Johnson) McKinzie 

 Joe Mack & Lucille McKinzie Tombstone

Joe Mack & Lucille McKinzie.  Jake s/o Jake & Jeffie (Brown) McKinzie


 Marvin Lawrence McKinzie Tombstone

Marvn Lawrence McKinzie, h/o Barbara S. (Bost) McKinzie

 Michael L. McKinzie Tombstone

Michael L. McKinzie USMC Tombstone

Michael L. McKinzie

John Thomas & Maxine (Johnson) Powers Tombstone  

John Thomas Powers WWII Tombstone

John Thomas & Maxine (Johnson) Powers