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Mrs. Mollie S. Graves

Mrs. Mollie S. Graves was born in Carroll County, Georgia, April 5, 1848; died at Kingsland, Arkansas, November 4, 1899, aged 51 years 6 months and 19 days.

The dear sister who is the subject of this notice was the daughter of Mrs. R.G. Merrel. Her father died in the army. She joined Macedonia Church, Bradley County, Ark., in the year 1863 or 1864.

She married C.C. Graves on December 5, 1867. Afterward she joined Gravel Ridge Church, and later went into the organization of Kingsland Church, of which she lived a very devoted and consecrated member until her death.

While the death of Sister Graves was not unexpected, it was very grievous to a host of friends and relatives, because we loved her and realized her great worth to the family, the church, and to the world.

By: C.M. Myrick, J.T. Ricks, F.L. Daniel, Committee.


Source: Arkansas Baptist Newspaper, 17 Dec 1899, page 15, cols 1 & 2.