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New Edinburg Methodist Church

Compliments of Robbie Reaves 

The Church Schedule

Worship services are conducted at the New Edinburg Methodist Church on each second Sunday night at 7:30 and on the first and third Sunday mornings at 9:30.

History - Methodist have had a place of worship in and around New Edinburg, the old settlement in southwest Cleveland County, for over 100 years. The present church building replaced one that burned many years ago but was located on approximately the same site.

Circuit-riding preachers served the Methodist faith in this area of Arkansas for many years, also serving Methodist Churches at Wheeler Springs, Wagnon Special, Hebron, etc. The New Edinburg church has had a long and distinguished history of service to people of this area.


Source:  The Eagle Democrat, Warren, Arkansas.  Wednesday, October 27, 1967, page 7.