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New Edinburg Presbyterian Church

Compliments of Robbie Reaves

The New Edinburg Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church is an outgrowth of the church established about 95 years ago to the southeast of New Edinburg and called the Shady Grove Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.  It was set up about 1873 by settlers who came to what was then Dorsey county, Arkansas, from the Carolinas and Georgia. 

About half a century ago, after the Shady Grove church had been in existence about 40 years, members of the congregation who resided at New Edinburg decided to build a church there. It was erected and located in front of the D. G. Campbell home. 

Services are conducted regularly at the New Edinburg Church. The Rev. Charles Mills, minister of the First Presbyterian Church of Fordyce was the speaker there in many a recent Sabbath. The Rev. Mr. Mills has taken up a work in Florida now, however, Sabbath School is conducted at the church and Presbyterians throughout the area have and are being invited to come and attend.


Source: The Eagle Democrat, Warren, AR., Wednesday 11 October 1967, page 7.