Cleveland County, Arkansas

A place to remember, preserve & share information about our ancestors.






Front Row:  Jacob John Henry Gardner, Alva Green, Correll Billings, J. C. Williams, Quinnie Fay McLendon.

Second Row: Correll Walker, Mrs. Mattie Tidsdale (Teacher).

Third Row:  Mack Walker, Arthur Williams, Essie Williams, Unidentified, Marie Billings, Mildred Hudson.

Fourth Row:  Gray Wilson, Elsie Walker, Carie Manuel, Helen Wilson, Betha Minor, Eugene Wilson, Rurel Billings.



North Concord School 1925

Front row: Orville Green, Beatrice McGriff, Merle Martin, Vera Mae Martin, Jacob John Henry Gardner, Ben Walker

Second Row: Estelle Walker, Evaleen Martin, Jack Harrison, Gray Wilson, Quinnie Faye McLendon, Charlie McGriff, Correll Walker

Third row: Elsie Walker, Helen Wilson, Mrs. Mattie Tisdale, Lessie McGriff, Eugene Wilson, Lester McGriff, Mack Walker

Photos submitted by Belinda Brown Winston
















 Cleveland County, Arkansas


























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