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Old Landmark House Being Razed

Submitted by Tonya Hyatt

 Reid Home

Reid Home, circa 1907.

 Reid Home

Reid Home, cira 1965

The old Reid house at the northwest corner of Magnolia and Jasmine streets in Rison is being razed.  It has been determined that the house is among the oldest structures in the community, having been built around the turn of the century by A.K. Reid, former Rison merchant.  Members of the Reid family continued to live in the house through most of this century, up until the time of the death of Tina Reid Gray in the 1970's.  Mrs. Gray's late husband, W.T. Gray moved from the house to Fordyce in the late 1970's.

Source:  Cleveland County Herald, 13 Apr 1994

The last of the old houses I have in mind is the home now occupied by Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Gray on East Magnolia street.  I would say it was erected as early or before 1890.  It was built by Hugh Ogletree, a building contractor for this residence. 

Mr. Ogletree grew up in the eastern part of Cleveland County and built many buildings in the county.  He had charge of the erection of our home on South Main street in 1893.  Mr. Ogletree moved from Rison to Fordyce and for many years was in the construction business at Stuttgart where he passed away many years ago. 

Some of the buildings in Rison erected by Mr. Ogletree were the Ackerman Drug Store building at the corner of Main and Second streets, the Bank of Rison building which was destroyed by fire in the early 1930ís, the high school building which was also destroyed by fire in the 1930ís, and the Phoenix Hotel building which still stands. 

When I can first recall the Ogeltree home was occupied by the A. K. Reid family.  Mr. Reid was a Rison merchant for many years.  Mrs. Gray, whose family still resides there, was Tina Reid, a daugher of Mr. ad Mrs. A.K. Reid.

Source:  Originally published in the Cleveland County Herald, unknown publication.  Written by Harold Sadler.