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Shady Grove Presbyterian Church

Compliments of Nathan & Doris Eaton

Shady Grove Presbyterian Church

Shady Grove, in Cleveland Co., Ark., was organized by Rev. J. P. Marion August, 1872, in a small log church about half a mile from where their church now stands.  Twelve names were enrolled.  W. T. Carmichael (Carmical), lately from White Oak, Ga., and W. H. Ware, were elected elders. 

They soon began work on a commodious frame house of worship, which was completed ten years later.  Mr. Marion supplied them half time until the close of 1875.  In doing so he submitted to great hardships.  This church was small, and he received no supplement from Synod.  He supported his family chiefly by cultivating the soil.  They were supplied by Rev. J. L. Young in 1876, Rev. H. M. Henry in 1877, Rev. J. S. A. Hunter in 1878 for half his time.   Twenty names were signed to it.  He was installed Nov. 28, 1879.  The faithful pastor met many and formidable difficulties-vexatious cases of discipline and bitter opposition from without.  But the church increased in members and influence.   His pastorate terminated with Dec., 1887, when he went to Mexico as a foreign missionary.  

Rev. T. G. Boyce came to them in July 1888, and was installed pastor in Dec.   There were 42 names on the church roll at that time.  This was a happy pastorate and prosperous period in the history of the church.  In Feb., 1893, when the relation was dissolved the church had 64 members.  That year Rev. W. A. M. Plaxco supplied them.  Rev. T. B. Stewart was pastor from May, 1894, till Oct., 1899.   

The church was suffering losses from removals, and its forces weakened by death.   They were supplied half time by Rev. A. H. Griffith in 1900 and 2, and half time by Rev. E. B. Anderson in 1903.  They began holding regular services in 1901 at New Edinburg, a railroad station five miles northwest from the church.  Shady Grove has a S. S. and L. B. Society.


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