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T. T. Johnson

Mr. Johnson who was so cruelly murdered at the barbecue near Kedron on the 21st day of August 1897 while trying to protect and save the life of his friend, Mr. Tom Hanley, was born in DeSota County Miss., Aug. 25, 1866.  He spent his boyhood and early manhood in Mississippi coming to Arkansas about eight years ago. We are informed that his early life was exemplary, that as a boy he was kind and polite.  As a man, since he came to this state, he has been quiet and unoffensive, attending strictly to his own business.  We are told that he was always popular with his employees and fellow laborers. 

He was a true, brave man who rushed into the drunken mob to save the life of a friend and not for the purpose of hurting others, but a cowardly scoundrel at an unexpected moment struck him on the head with a heavy stick and crushed his skull.  He was three times knocked down either of which blows would have been fatal.  He died from his wounds at the hospital in Pine Bluff Monday morning Aug. 23rd and was brought back to this county and buried in the grave yard at moore's Church. He leaves a wife and two children and many friends to mourn his loss.

Submitted by Belinda (Brown) Winston

Source: Cleveland County Herald, 2 Sep 1897