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William H. Barnett

William H. Barnett, coroner and druggist, Kingsland, Ark.

Among the most important as well as popular drug stores in Kingsland is that of Mr. William H. Barnett, which contains every requisite and convenience in this line of business, and has the reputation of being one of the beat and most reliable
in town.

This gentleman is a native of Bradley, now Cleveland County, born in 1853, and the son of Dr. William David Barnett, a native of Alabama, and one of the most prominent and successful physicians and surgeons of his day. He was married in Louisville, Ky., to Miss Lydia G. Green, a native of Pennsylvania, and then settled in what is now Cleveland County, and there the Doctor died in 1882, and his wife in 1884. She was formerly a member of the Episcopal Church, but later joined the Methodist.

The Doctor was a graduate of the University of Nashville, Tenn., also of the University of New Orleans, the Philadelphia School of Medicine, and the Louisville, Ky., school. In the last he was demonstrator of anatomy for some time, and was also one of the founders of the Little Rock Medical College, to which institution he rendered considerable valuable assistance. He was a man of decided intellectual ability, and his success as a physician was probably second to none in South Arkansas, and few were better known and esteemed.

He at one time represented Bradley County, in the Legislature, and was major in an Arkansas regiment in the Confederate army. He participated in the battle of Corinth, after which he was detached to look after the destitute widows and orphans of Confederate soldiers. From the age of twenty two years he was a member of the Masonic fraternity, a high standing member of the Council. In politics he was a conservative Democrat.

His father, Nathaniel Barnett, was born in Montgomery County, Ala., and there remained until about 1838, when he moved to what is now Cleveland County, was among the first settlers, and there passed the closing scenes of his life. He was of English descent, and a successful planter by occupation.

Our subject's maternal grandfather, Hugh Green, was born in Pennsylvania, and married in Kentucky where he had interests in a paper mill on blue River, and also interested in a steamboat on the coast. He was also of English descent, and died in Indianapolis, Ind., at the beginning of the war.

W. H. Barnett, the second of four children, received the rudiments of an education in the common school, and after the war attended school for about twenty months at St. John's College, at Little Rock. In 1872 he embarked in the drug business at Pine Bluff, and there continued until 1876, when he returned to near where he was born and reared, tilled the soil for a year, and then engaged in the drug business at New Edinburg, where he continued until 1882, when he established his present store at Kingsland.

He was married on November 22, 18 73, to Miss Ella T. Marks, a native of Cleveland County, and the daughter of John H. and Nancy C. Marks, who came from Mississippi, to what is now Cleveland County, at an early day. Mr. Marks was a farmer and miller and an upright, honorable citizen. He died in 1872. He was a member of the Arkansas Legislature at one time. Mrs. Marks is still living.

To Mr. and Mrs. Barnett were born five children-two sons and three daughters. Mr. Barnett owns a good farm of 279 acres, and aside from this has a good home and considerable town property in Kingsland. He is a Democrat in politics, is a member of the Masonic fraternity, of which he is past master, and also a member of the Council and K. of L. He and wife are members of the Methodist Church.


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