Chalybeate Springs

In the early 1920's Chalybeate Springs Community had a church, one room schoolhouse, cemetery, grocery store, a community swimming pool and many small family homes.
At one time Chalybeate Springs had a large black community and Uncle Jurdan Jermany was the most famous. He was set free as a slave when he was eight years old.
Chalybeate Springs is located at four cross roads approximately nine miles southeast of Emerson, five miles sough of Atlanta, three miles north of Ware's Chapel community and seven miles north of Haynesville, Louisiana.
The numberous springs located there were known for their mineral content and for curing many different ailments. Sears, Roebuck and Company considered bottling the water and selling it, but they could not get the approval of the medical association.
Ruby Ware Farrar, a graduate of A & M College, taught school in the one room schoolhouse until it was consolidated with the Atlanta School District.
A large community swimming pool was fed by the minteral springs. The water was so cold that the pool could be used only in very hot weather. The pool was also used as a community refrigerator where everyone put their watermelons and milk to cool.
(information by Bobbie Farrar Bonds)

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