Charlie Wallace

This is copied ( the best she could ) by Janet Wallace from the sermon book and records kept by Charlie Wallace. Mr.Wallace was a Pastor that preached at several churches around the country side.He was also a first cousin of my Grandfather, James Edward Peterson. Janet copied this from a record that was kept in pencil and I am just glad this much has made it through the years. The little sermon and record book is in the possession of Mr. Perry Leonard Dodson Wallace.
Copied as best as I could read it, most was in pencil, and spelling as I can read it, no corrections made to spelling. ?? are when I can?t make the spelling or letter.  ---  Janet Wallace

Copies of Sermon Book
Kept by C.H. Wallace
(Charles Henry Wallace)

Roll for Mount Salelum Membership for year 1920

Jack Couch
Mattie Casson
Jim Thomason
Mendy Thomason
Larry Wilmar
Mrs Ruskley

Paid on Pastor Salary for 1921 Alpin church
1 marumbur ?? Lb Duree Thomason Paid  $1.00
1 one trip and 25 pounds meat  $7.70
1 B. wart pottas 1.00
Derae Thomason paid Jan the 22th 2.00 Febuary the 8th paid 4.20
Daree thomason March the 2 1 gal lard 2.20
Allin Thomason paid aprit the 25th 2.50

Paid on pastors salry for  1921
Shockly church
narumd??r the 28th paid  3.00
Dec 26th 1920
W.E. Sloan paid  2.00
J.N. Furr paid 5.00
Y. T. Yrarus paid 1.00
F. White paid 5.00
January 21
Tom Yrarus paid 1.00
Feb. the 26th J. W. Yraurs  1.50
N. Turr paid meat 13 pounds 3.90
paid to me by J.N. Furr on the 26th 1.00
Paid to me by J.N. furr 27 2.00 Paid to me by J.M. furr 27 5.00
paid to me by J.N. furr 1.00 Paid to me by N. N. Furs April 24 5.00
Paid to me by J.N. furr 1.60
Paid to me by Sloan W.E. may 28th 1921 3.00
paid to me by J.N. furr august the 29 1921 1.00
paid t ome by J.N. Furr September 1, 1921 1.00

Paid on Pastors Salary 1921
Shilo Church
January the 9th paid 1.90
febuary 13 paid 2.60
Mrs Marson May 21st paid 1.00
paid in cash May the 28th 1921  1.00
paid in cash august the  21: 1921 5.00

Mount Salelum
Paid on Pastor Salry for  1923
-----1.00          ( all this is crossed out in the book for Mount Salelum)

Oak Grovs paid on pastor Salry for  1921
Januuary 21 paid 1.00
Brother Johnson paid gal srpurp May 28  1.00
Bro Tom Findly paid   5.00
paid on pastor salry 3.40nute Franses paid   2.00

Piney Grove has paid on pastor salry
decber 5th  paid 1.45
January the 6th paid 2.80
June the 5/ 1921 paid  3.50
July paid on pastor salry   1.00
Oakgrove has paid on pastor salry for the year 1920
Alpine   3.17
Oa??    4.75
Piney  ?    1.77
Shhilo    3.26
Shockly    10.29

Piney Grove has paid on pastor salry for the year 1920

I preached Mrs. Sair?y Elimons furnel for her April 23third 1921.
I preached Mack thomason little Babys furnel October the 25th  1921
I preached Brother Henry Pates sons furnel at athen ark
I preached Mr victor furnel at Athen Ark
I preached Henry Thomason furnel at Alpine Ark

CH Wallace pastor on the bado Mis
in 1919 I maried Ed Peterson to Miss Minie Reeves
in the year of  1920
I maried Onnes Elmons to Miss Henryettir Thomason   (note  3 or 8)  3/8/1920

in the year 1920 I Married Mr adcoks to Miss emmer}

in 1920 I maried otish while to miss tiomrh Ylorur on novimber the 14th 1920}

Members at Liberty Church
Mrs. Mattie Palmar
Mrs Brayel Rutledge
Mrs. M.A. Wallace
Mr. Will Meeks
Miss Lily Smith  (Crossed out)
Miss Emer Smith  (Crossed out)
miss Mattie Beasely
miss Purifoy

Official List of the  Members of Star of the West Curc??? For  1924
     Exa?????? Commity
H. Pate
A. McClure
L.R. Roburts and C. H. Wallace pastor
          Advisory Commity

Dr. A.A. Alfous
Rev. W. H. Pate
James Watkins for class Leader ar Each church
Bro. J. M. Ruis for Liberty Chruch
Wesley Roberts for Athens Ch
Sister Henry Pate for Salem ch
sister Mary M??lor?? for  Happy H????/
this contains the names of Steward fo reach ch
A. Mcclur  for Liberty ch
W.H. Pate for Sal??? Ch
E.A. Mccauly for Happy Hill ch
L.R. Roburts fo r Ath??? Ch
Clay Tipton     ?????????
E. Wilson Sec.

Roal of  members at Spring Hill Church for  1923
George Hensley
C.B. Morr?
Rosey Lambs
Riney Hensley
D. F. Lurry
Faney Purifow
Melvin Lambs
Lu?sindy Burns
Calley Haston
Grun Ward
Lizzy Ward
Barney Vickers
Piney Hensley
Mrs. Carper
Ed Lury
Laye Grur

Members of Rock Spring Church in 1923
Frank Pearson
Malie Shelton
Maney Harvey
Mattie Harvey
Mary Hunter
Wade Riden
Dollie Sickens
John dickens
Aller Dickens
Clint Jones
Ereie Jones
Albert morris
marthie mcwiliams
mattie marsise

Mrs. L. D. Sory died Febuary the 14th in year 1942 and was lade away Feb the 15th 1942
Mrs Adir mitchel died September the 22 - 1944 and was layed a way Septermber the 23 - 1944
on the 25th of December 1927 m.a. wallace and C. H. Wallace took Pery Linnard Dodson at 6 weeks old
Mrs. Lee virginia Grant died ?ore the 21st 1935. And was laid away ?ore the 22ond 1935
Lin?yan Burdine Born July the 2, 1907 departed from this life August the 2 1922 at 5-o clock
midy Elmore died December the 29th 1937 and was layed away dec the 30 1937
Arthur maness died december the 23 and was lade away the 24th in year our Lord 1939
W.D. Maness age 68 years died January the 24th 1940 was lade away january the 25the 1940
Mrs. R L. maness age 69 years passed out of this life july the 25th 1941 and was lade a way July 26th 1941
El??ia Maness died August the 11th 1925 at one oclock and fourty five minuites are age 12 ellerun years old
R.L. Maness died April the 6th at 9 oclock and 25 minutes am 1926 age 57 years
Wesley manness died march the 3 third 1929 at 3 oclock and 15 minutes on the 28th of July 1929.
Mildred Burdine departed from this life at 6 = 30 oclock in the evening 1929
Alise Dodson departed from this life January the 12 1928 in the morning
J.J. Woodward departed from this life January the 6th 4 oclock and 32 minutes am 1931 Born 186 died  1931
Mrs G A Aladge died April 14th 1922
          ( This was Georgia Ann Wilkerson (Bass) Arledge, the sister of Almedia Wilkerson Peterson  and Charley's mother Gincy Wilkerson Wallace)
Paul Dodson died June the 5/1931 and was biared on June the 6/1931
Midy  Petterson past out of this life September the 20th at 2 two oclock am in the morning 1932
                ( this was Almedia Wilkerson Peterson, and the Aunt of Charlie Wallace )
H.(?) Maness was born aug the 22, 1872 died Sept 4th 1898
James Grant Born Feb 25th 1875 died July 12 1907
W.H. Grant borned dec 23, 1869 died aug 2 1912
J.R Wlkerson borned aug the 28 1872 died dec the 4th 1903
Jack Mitchel died September 26th 1935 buried September 27yh 1935
Mr. A.L. Killian died December the 1st 1891
Luller Story died in august the 15th 1892

I pirform the rites of matramony for Allan Moton on the 25th day of novumber 1922
I pirfored the rites of matromoney for Elyey Lambs and Ante More on the 30th day of novumber 1922

the Telegraph was put into opration in 1844
The troly car 1879
the Telephone Alanander Graham 1876
Stea Railway 1832
Type writer 1874

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