This is my list of who's what in the Green Cemetery.  I hope you don't mind that I left my notes with the listings.  I have more information about several of the folks listed there and could
write pages about the GREENs, but I'll refrain.  :-)  You asked for directions to the cemetery.  When I first found the cemetery listings (very incomplete) in a DAR book at the Little Rock public library, the directions were:

Green Cemetery, McNeil, Columbia, Arkansas, 1 1/2 mi N. on College Hill Road; left 1/2 mi on Lamartine Road; left 1/2 mi

Well, I couldn't follow these directions when I visited Columbia County, and I wound around for quite a while before I finally stopped out on the Waldo Road (Road No. 98) at a country store and asked for directions.  The road leading to the cemetery is just west of this store (I know that's a big help!).  You turn right on this road off 98, go a few miles (I think it was
about 2) and the cemetery is on the left.  It is a very neat cemetery - someone is obviously taking care of it - I wish I knew who. So perhaps the directions given in the DAR book were better than I can give - if you know the area, you can probably follow them better than I could - the roads weren't marked very well out there.  :-)  The Green Cemetery is supposedly
located on the family's land.  I know they had substantial holdings there. Supposedly Sarah (Sally) Flinn, the grandma of the GREEN clan, stated that she wanted to be buried there and she was the first one.  If anyone wants to contact me about any of the info on this listing, feel free to do so.

Karen Groce


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   Clark, S. F., 9 Mar 1848-27 May 1866 (sister to Amanda Catherine (Clark) O'Rear)

Clark, T. A., 18 Mar 1822-1 Jan 1855 (Thornberry Clark)

Flin, Sarah, died 8 Aug 1853, age 77 yrs, Born in Mecklenburg [Co.], Va. moved to Montgomery Co., N.C., then to Columbia Co., Arkansas in1848  (Sarah Flinn, nee Green, was the widow of John Flinn, and mother to Wincy (Flinn) Green; she was the daughter of William and Sarah Green.)

Gilbert, three children, no dates

Green, D. L., died 23 Jan 1941, age 72 yrs. (Daniel Lee Green, born 8 Sept 1867, was the son of John C. & Martha (Powell) Green)

Green, daughter, 30 May 1891, daughter of D. L. and M. E. Green

Green, Eliza Jane, died 23 Aug 1864, age 33 yrs., a native of N.C., wife of David J. Green (Eliza Jane Green, nee White, was the daughter of Thomas and Lucretia (Green) White of Montgomery Co., NC; she was born in Montgomery Co., NC in 1830.  Her husband, David J., moved with his children to Yell Co., AR, and is buried on top of Danville Mountain; he died about 1908.)

Green, Harvey, no dates, son of D. L. Green

Green, James A., 29 Sept 1849-26 Dec 1873 (James Allen Green, son of David J. & Eliza Jane Green, died when after being thrown from a horse.)

Green, John C., 5 Aug 1820-23 Mar 1892, born in Mongumy (Montgomery) Co., N.C. (John C. was the son of Wincy (Flinn) and John Green)

Green, Martha A., nee Powell, 5 Oct 1831-11 Nov 1886, Born in Limestone Co., Ala., Married John C. Green 7 October 1858 (Martha A. was the daughter of Caleb Powell & Leatha Jane (Bryant); her first husband was John Strange.)

Green, Mary E., no dates (Mary E., nee O'Rear, was the daughter of Amanda (Clark) and Monroe O'Rear, and was Daniel Lee Green's wife.)

Green, Nancy P., 1 Dec 1860-13 Oct 1875, dau of J. C. and M. Green

Green, Tabitha, died 26 Feb 1911, age 79 yrs. (Tabitha was born 1832 in Montgomery Co., NC, the daughter of John and Wincy (Flinn) Green.)

Green, Wincy, died 8 Feb 1866, age 69 yrs., Born in Montgomery Co., N. C., Moved to Columbia Co., Arkansas in 1848 (Wincy's husband, John, died in 1845 Montgomery Co., NC.)

Green, Wm. R., died 29 Dec 1878, age 62 yrs. 7 mos., 22 days (William was born 1816 in Montgomery Co., NC, the son of John and Wincy Green.)

Hall, Iva, no dates, child of J. T. and Lucy Hight Hall

Hall, J. T., 5 Sept 1906-13 Sept 1909, child of Jim T. and Lucy Hall

Hall, Jim, no dates (James Tracy Hall, husband of Lucy Hight)

Hall, Lucy Hight, no dates, wife of J. T. Hall (Lucy Hight was born 1867, the daughter of Milton and Lively Jane (Green) Hight.)

Hartley, Emma Elizabeth O'Rear, 25 Apr 1866-22 May 1903, daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Elizabeth Jameson O'Rear, wife of J. M. Hartley, born in McNeil, Columbia Co., Arkansas

Hight, Americus, 4 June 1861-10 Jan 1933 ("Mack" was the son of Milton and Lively Jane (Green) Hight, and was husband to Martha Lorena O'Rear.)

Hight, B. F., 14 Nov 1875-20 Jan 1876, son of M. and L. J. Hight

Hight, Bird, died 4 July 1878, son of M. and L. J. Hight

Hight, D. L., 11 Nov 1872-8 Sept 1873, son of M. and L. J. Hight

Hight, D. N., 8 Mar 1894-15 Sept 1895, dau of W. R. (William Richard) and M. E. (Mary E.) Hight

Hight, Milton, 10 Feb 1829-14 Aug 1880 (Milton Isaac (a.k.a, Millington) Hight was the son of Samuel and Suckey (Hogan) Hight of Montgomery Co., NC.)

Hight, Infant daughter, 9 Dec 1853-4 Mar 1854, dau of M. and L. J. Hight

Hight, Infant dau, 7 Sept 1870-Oct 1870 , dau of M. and L. J. Hight

Hight, Infant dau, 30 Sept 1873-13 Oct 1873, dau of M. and L. J. Hight

Hight, Infant son, 18 Dec 1876-30 Dec 1876, son of M. and L. J. Hight

Hight, Infant son, 8 May 1870-4 Jun 1870, son of M. and L. J. Hight

Hight, James, 24 Jan 1866-12 Apr 1884, son of M. and L. J. Hight

Hight, John C., 7 July 1857-8 Oct 1892, son of M. and L. J. Hight

Hight, Lively J., died 17 Sept 1913, age 79 yrs, wife of Milton Hight (Obituary: "Mrs. Lively Hight died at her home near McNeil on Sept. 17, and her remains were interred at the family graveyard on the following day.  She was 82 years of age, and was in many respects a remarkable woman.  She was formerly a Green, an aunt of D. L. Green, a prominent farmer of McNeil.  She married the late Milton Hight, who died several years ago.  By this marriage there were over 20 children, several of whom are living.  At their family graveyard, Mrs. Hight, her mother, grandmother, two brothers, one sister, one nephew, and eleven of her children are buried.  THE BANNER extends condolence to the family."  Other children not buried here are: Mary who md. Jasper N. Miller; Abigail who md. Nathan Ward; William Richard who md. Mary Elizabeth Phillips; Joel who md. Mary Ellen Burkhart)

Hight, Louisa T., 10 Feb 1856-14 Aug 1918, wife of B. F. Simmons (Louisa was the daughter of Milton and Lively Jane Hight, and wife of Benjamin F. Simmons.)

Hight, Samuel M., 28 June 1871-30 Aug 1902, son of M. and L. J. Hight

Hight, Sebastian, 20 Feb 1898-24 Oct 1899, son of A. M. and Mattie Hight

Hight, William, 1858-Aug 1860, son of M. and L. J. Hight

Hight, Wincy, 7 Jan 1859-4 July 1859, dau of M. and L. J. Hight

Horton, B. E. I., 30 Oct 1888-19 May 1889, son of J. H. and M. A. Horton

Horton, Infant, 2 July 1896-23 July 1896, child of M. T. and M. Horton

Horton, M. A., 29 Mar 1860-25 July 1891, wife of J. H. Horton

Horton, N. L., 9 Aug 1899-5 Dec 1904, son of Jim H. and E. L. Horton

Horton, Odel H., 20 Jan 1894-25 Jan 1894, son of J. H. and E. L. Horton

Horton, P. E., 20 Dec 1883-15 Jan 1894, dau of J. H. and M. A. Horton

Morris, Martha O'Rear, no dates, dau of Benjamin Franklin and Elizabeth Jameson O'Rear, wife of Albert Morris

Nelson, Ima Cordelia O'Rear, died 1906, daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Elizabeth Jameson O'Rear,wife of Noah Alexander Nelson

O'Rear, Amanda C., nee Clark, 17 Sept 1845-20 Sept 1876, wife of Monroe B. O'Rear (Amanda Catherine Clark was the daughter of Thornberry Clark)

O'Rear, Benjamin Franklin, 26 Jan 1826-26 Sept 1865, Pvt. Co. D, 1 Regt. Ark. Cav. CSA, husband of Elizabeth Jameson

O'Rear, Elizabeth Jameson, no dates, daughter of Elizabeth Roberts Jameson and wife of Benjamin O'Rear

O'Rear, Johnnie, no dates, child of Benjamin Franklin and Elizabeth Jameson O'Rear

O'Rear, Lewis M., 15 Sept 1862-5 Dec 1862, child of Monroe B. and Amanda Clark O'Rear

O'Rear, Mary A., 1859-1932 (wife of James T. O'Rear, and daughter of John C. and Martha (Powell) Green)

O'Rear, Monroe B., 14 Apr 1863-21 July 1896, husband of Amanda Clark O'Rear

O'Rear, Thomas, 22 Jan 1870-10 Apr 1870, son of Monroe B. and Amanda Clark O'Rear

Parker, Alma, 22 Jan 1904-3 Feb 1904, child of J. W. and M. C. Parker

Parker, Infant, b&d 29 Dec 1895, child of J. W. and M. C. Parker

Parker, Miranda C., Jun 1859-1929 (wife of John William Parker, daughter of Milton and Lively Jane Hight)

Powell, Caleb, 10 Jan 1810-30 Dec 1902 (native of Limestone Co., AL) (Photo & bio)

Powell, child of William, no dates

Reaves, Elborn, 13 June 1885-22 Dec 1888, child of B. G. and L. C. Reaves

Reaves, Elizabeth, 1824-1898, wife of G. W. Reaves

Simmons, Edgar M., 20 Aug 1887-26 Aug 1887, son of Ben and Louisa Simmons

Strange, child of John and Martha, no dates

Strange, John D., no dates (1811-abt 1854, first husband of Martha Powell, who md. John C. Green second; known children of John D., according to the 1860 census of Columbia Co. are Caroline C. (1853) and John D. (1854).)

Strange, William N., 25 Nov 1879-24 Dec 1879, son of R. L. and M. Strange

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