Craighead Co AR - 1910 Census
Herndon Twp Index
Pages 96a - 101a

Index transcribed by Sharon Smith

Note: Parts of this township were difficult to impossible to read so there are several names missing in this index.

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Name Page Household#
Agee, John 100b 106
Baugh, Robert T. 100a 89
Booten, John H. 100b 103
Brock, William H. 97a 27
Brown, William I. 96a 1
Burdashaw, Henry J. 96a 3
Burrow, Louis T. 96a 4
Caldwell, James 97b 36
Caldwell, William F. 97b 40
Carney?, James H. 98b 58
Cobb, John 98a 57
Cole, Lelon S. 99b 83
Coleman, Andy M. 97a 34
Coleman, Daniel B. 99a 72
Coleman, Jesse M. 97a 31
Coleman, M? 97b 41
Coleman, Martin A. 99a 68
Cook, Davis 99a 69
Cook, Joseph 98a 54
Cook, Margaret A. 97a 30
Cook, Mary A. 100b 99
Cook, William M. 97a 28
Corsey, Daniel F. 98a 49
Corsey, David C. 97b 47
Corsey, Louis 97b 38
Crowder, William J. 97a 35
Dodson, William A. 100b 100
Drvey, Roba 96b 11
Erby, James J. 96b 16
Falkner, Charley 100b 102
Falkner, James T. 99b 84
Falkner, Mary 100b 107
Fielder, Lemuel 97b 45
Freeman, John 98b 65
Freeze, Robert A. 100b 97
Gambill, Anna A. 96b 14
Gambill, Bishop M. 99b 85
Gambill, Henry 100a 94
Gambill, Thomas N. 98a 48
Garmon, Henry 98b 61
Green, George A. 96b 17
Gregory, Elisha 100a 92
Hamilton, James S. 97b 46
Harris, Elvira E. 96a 5
Harris, Henry C. 96a 6
Hazle, Hughy N. 97a 26
Henson, John H. 96a 9
Henton, Edgar W. 97a 29
Hewitt, Delbert 98a 55
Hutchins, James B. 97a 32
Irington, William B. 96a 8
Jones, Daniel W. 99a 73
Jones, George M. 99a 74
Jones, John M. 100b 108
Lakey, Charley 98b 60
Lakey, Fielding H. 98b 59
Lindley, Ennis E. 98b 62
Lindley, Isaac 100a 88
Lindley, Sam 100a 93
Margraves, John 100a 86
Marr, Zachariah J. 96b 20
May, Homer 100a 90
McElroy, John A. 97a 33
McKinney, Samuel D. 99a 75
Morris, Archibald W. 96a 7
Morris, John A. 100a 96
Poland, John H. 96a 10
Rains, James F. 96b 10
Rains, Neal B. 96b 12
Rhea, James M. 98a 56
Richards, Thomas J. 98b 63
Richey, Albert F. 97b 42
Roberts, George W. 98a 53
Roberts, John T. 98b 64
Ryan, Warren 98a 52
Sallee, Charley M. 97a 25
Sanderson, James P. 96b 21
Sandifer, William F. 97b 39
Shirley, James A. 97a 24
Simons, Aaron G. 96b 22
Simons, Edward G. 98a 51
Simons, William T. 98a 50
Smith, Andrew 100b 104
Smith, Arthur L. 97b 43
Smith, David P. 98b 66
Smith, John 97b 44
Smith, Joseph 100b 98
Smith, Joseph B. 100b 105
Smith, Mose T. 97a 23
Smith, William H. 97b 37
Story, Milo 100a 95
Sybert, Jasper 100a 91
Underwood, Frank P. 96b 13
Underwood, John M. 96b 15
Wilds, Ely H. 96a 2
Willbanks, Amos 96b 19
Williamson, Ray 100b 101
Wilson, Belle 99a 71