John Wilkes Booth

He was an American actor who assassinated President Lincoln.
His parents were Junius Brutus Booth & Mary Ann Holmes & was born May 10, 1838 Maryland, died Apr 26, 1865 Port Royal VA.

Note: A tragedian is an actor who specializes in tragic roles.

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Philadelphia County PA, Philadelphia, Ward 13
Date Page Dwelling Surname Name Relationship Age Status Birthplace Occupation Value of Real Estate Value of Personal Estate
Jun 16, 1860 251b 656 Booth Mary Anna Head 52 Wd England $20,000 $6000
" Edwin Son 26 S MD Tragedian $12,000 $8000
" Rosalie Dau 27 S MD Tragedian $2,000
Clarke Asia L. Dau 19 S M $1,000
Booth John W. Son 22 S MD Tragedian
Clarke John L. Son-in-law 27 M MD Comedian $15,000 $2,000
Booth Jos Son 18 S MD
Clarke Asia L. GrandDau 4/12 S PA