Priest Cemetery


Priest Cemetery, Drew Co, AR (approximately 408 Old Dermott Rd, off of Highway 35 East; fenced and located on private property)


Author's Note:  Some headstones have been vandalized and concrete and paint now obscures several of them.  This is the cemetery of the John Priest family.  John relocated to Drew County from Sampson Co, NC around 1850.  His grandson, Benajah/Ben Priest followed him sometime between 1860 and 1870.  Individuals who are reportedly buried in this cemetery but were not found or identified include John Priest (d. 1866), Ben Priest (d. abt 1915), Lizzie Priest (d. abt 1900), Matilda Shumaker Priest (d. unknown, second wife of John) and Inez Priest (d. at age 9 months sometime in 1880s).  Credit for additional information belongs to Larry W. Priest and Audrey Priest Walters.  Transcribed March 2009 by Katherine Cobb and Bennie K. White.   


Row 1:

Jim Matthew (no legible dates)

Sara Curry (no legible dates)

Bill Curry (no legible dates)


Row 2:

Birdie Tanner (1)
b Nov 23, 1884
d Nov 9, 1966

Martin Cean Hayden
d. Dec 22 1929

Illegible Marker

Barton P. Priest
b. 16 May 1916
d. 20 Jul 1935 (2)

Virgil T. Priest
b. 27 Jan 1915
d. 20 Jul 1935 (2)


Row 3:

Unmarked Grave

Unmarked Grave

(Note:  These graves are centered within the cemetery)


Row 4:

Margaret L. Priest
1881-1945 (3)

Samuel H. Priest
1872-1947 (3)

(Above is a double stone, seems to be last burial in this cemetery)

Unmarked Grave

Lizzie Priest
Jan 1, 1907

Weldon Priest
b. 28 Aug 1883
d. 06 Jun 1904

Mary Priest
(no legible dates)

Reuben Priest
(no legible dates)


Row 5:

Henry Priest
27 Jul 1886 Baby

Helen Priest
29 Aug 1902 Baby

Unmarked Grave

Quinton Priest
23 Apr 1904 Baby

Charles Priest
05 Jan 1906 Baby

Lizzie Priest
Jan 1907 Baby

Ray Priest
21 Jun 1908 Baby

Jessie Priest
23 Jul 1909 Baby


Row 6:

Unmarked Grave

Unmarked Grave

Edwin Priest
23 Apr 1911 Baby

Gracie Priest
16 Jun 1913 Baby

Walton Priest 
29 Apr 1918 Baby

George Priest
03 Apr 1919 Baby

Baby Priest
08 Jun 1922 Son

Ila/Tyler Priest
06 Jun 1924 Baby Twins

Other graves from an eariler transcription which may not have been legible at the time this one was done

Curry, Arkie & Husband

Hill, Arkie (Husband)

Priest, Baby
May 12, 1908

Priest, Baby Son
Jun 8, 1922

Priest, George Baby
Apr 5, 1919

Priest, S H
b 1872
d Sep 9, 1947


Outside of fenced area, marked by metal post and small stone:

Ben's Slave



1.  Birdie Tanner was the married name of a daughter of Ben and Lizzie Priest, b. 27 Dec 1880; d. 15 Nov 1966

2.  Barton P. and Virgil T. Priest were sons of Samuel H. and Maggie L. Priest and died in a car accident.

3.  Samuel Hugh Priest (b. 1872; d. 09 Jun 1947) was a son of Ben and Lizzie Priest.  Margaret Linder Priest was his second wife.

4.  Henry and Helen Priest were born to Samuel H. Priest and his first wife Dena Beavers.

5.  Weldon P. Priest was the son of Ben and Lizzie Priest.


Transcription Copyright 2009

Katherine Cobb and Bennie K. White.




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