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Monticello A & M College Paper (contributed by Ginger Smith) Spring-Summer 1993, Update 11 IN MEMORIAM: Athalea Cloud GADDY,(�24) of Baton Rouge, La., passed away October 30, 1992. She was a retired bookstore manager.

Alva Anne OWEN-FLYNN (LI�31) of Danville, Ill., passed away March 9, 1993. She is survived by her two children.

John Brooks BINNS (LI �32) died December 10, 1989, and his wife Blanche HILL BINNS passed away December 27, 1992. They were from Fort Smith, Ark. And both were retired school teachers. They are survived by their three daughters.

Bessie BATES WHITE (BSE �35) of Monticello, died January 18, 1993. She is survived by her daughter Barbara Abston.

George WHITE died January 2, 1993. He had been a member of the Monticello Rotary Club since 1929. He is survived by his daughter Barbara Abston.

J. J. NEAL (�36), of Hampton, Ark., passed away January 7, 1993. He was retired and is survived by his wife Margaret and their four daughters.

Everett KELLEY (BSE �43) of Fordyce, Ark., died February 17, 1993. He was a retired school superintendent and survived by his wife Melvenie and two daughters.

Martha GASTER (BSE �49), of West Monroe, La., died December 22, 1992. She was a reitired teacher and is survived by her son and daughter.

Emory Dale SORSBY (BS �52) has passed away. Dr. Curtis E. RIPLEY (BS �54) of Crossett, Ark., died February 20, 1993. He is survived by his wife Betty and two sons and one daughter.

Sammy HOLT (�64) of McGehee, Ark., passed away February 8, 1993. He is survived by his wife Linda and their two children.

William POORE (BBA �70) of Lubbock, Tex., died March 13, 1993. He is survived by his mother, a son and two brothers.

Carole MONTGOMERY (AND �71) of Little Rock, Ark., passed away January 6, 1993. She is survived by her three sons and a brother.

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