Hankins-Owens Family

Front row: Leona May Owens Thompson,�

Milton Hubert Owens, Martha Caroline Hankins Owens and Florence Iva Owens Dickson.
Back row: Milton Neil Owens, Lois Ethel Owens Hogue, Henry Monroe Owens, JoAnna "Jodie" Owens Smith, Virginia Gertrude Owens McCone and Robert Wilson Owens.

Photo submitted and copyright 2003 by Carolyn Haisty

I am Robert Dunn Dickson, grandson of Florence Iva Owens Dickson pictured with her father and mother and my great grandparents- Milton (Mitt) Hubert Owens and Martha Caroline Hankins Owens-and other family members

Some facts about this family pictured:
��� Sister Leona May Owens Thompson (posting has extra comma) Had her husband and three sons all killed in W.W.II.� I don't know any of their names.
��� Brother Milton Neil Owens lived north of Monticello and I believe had two daughters, one named Dorothy.
��� Sister Virginia (Jenny) Gertrude Owens McCone married� J. G. McCone and they lived at Tillar, Drew Co.
��� Brother Henry Monroe Owens resided at Wilmar, Drew Co. and was self employed as a blacksmith, logger, and farmer.
��� Sister JoAnna "Jodie" Owens Smith-I have no recall except from conversations.
��� Sister Lois Ethel Owens Hogue-Ditto.
��� Brother Robert Wilson Owens-Ditto

��� Florence Iva Owens Dickson (my grandmother) married Samuel Dunn Dickson(S.D.) and they lived in the Alice community near Wilmar where they farmed, logged and raised a family:
��� Daughter Vesta Dickson Taylor married Marion O. Taylor and they reside at Little Rock, AR and they had no children..
��� Son Verner B. Dickson last resided Houston, TX and had two daughters-Frances and Marie whereabouts unknown.
��� Son Samuel Karl Dickson lived near Wilmar where he farmed. He had two daughters-Catherine and Isabell last addresses Houston, TX.
��� Daughter Florence Dickson Coil married L.Kirk. Coil, a disabled WW I veteran and they resided at Muskogee, OK and had one son George Kirk Coil whose last known address was West Memphis, AR.
��� Daughter Mittie Belle Dickson Franklin married Chester Franklin and they lived N. E. of Hamburg, AR in the Snyder and Berrea(sp)communities where they farmed.They had four children:
������� Marcella Franklin Stone(James)
������� Lois Franklin Moyer(Dock)
������� Mary Alice Franklin Dace(Donald)
������� Charles Hugh Franklin(all deceased)
��� Daughter Kyle Dickson Gaster married Walter Gaster,taught school, was divorced and had no children.
��� Daughter Joy Dickson Gaster married Bert Gaster,taught school in Ouchita Parish LA,two children-JoAnna Gaster and Walter Dickson Gaster both of Monroe, LA area.
��� Son Robert Wilson Dickson was youngest child and died an infant.
��� Son Joe Clarence Dickson- dob 8/30/1908- (my father) was next to youngest of nine children. He married Meryle Christine Scott of Monticello, AR. They farmed in the Wilmar area and had three sons :

������� Robert Dunn Dickson, eldest(12/29/34), married Carolyn Rainey of Vick, Bradley Co.AR. They had three daughters and a son and currently reside in, Minden, LA , rdickson@cox-internet.com.�

������� Jerry Gordon Dickson married Betty Moran of Monticello and they reside Independence, KS. They have three sons and a daughter.
������� Paul Allen Dickson married Marths Cherry of Monticello and they reside Little Rock/Wilmar AR. They have two sons and a daughter.

Robert D. (Bob) Dickson

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