Wolfe-Lagrone Family Photos

Submitted by: Beth Thurman

This photo was taken about l908 or 9 as Dan Wolfe was born in l901 and looks to be about 7 or 8 years old. From Left: Top Robert Lee Wolfe, Anson Philip Wolfe, Eudora Pearl Wolfe Deal, Willie Claud Wolfe, Leta Bell Wolfe Mansfield Bottom lap..Clarence Albert Wolfe on his father's knee..Philip Zadock (Dock) Wolfe (one armed man...lost his arm in a cotton gin about age three) Dan Bull Wolfe, Jesse Young Wolfe, Mary Avaline (Mollie) LEE Wolfe on lap Minnie Mary Wolfe bottom center.. Benjamin Franklin Wolfe (He was not yet born, but he wanted to be in the famly photo, so he had Mrs. Lavella Porter, a local photographer in Monticello, AR, put him in the picture.) There was one more daughter..Scharlotte Wolfe who died before six months of age. There was one more son...Columbus Patton (Pat) Wolfe. He was the baby and not yet born. He died about 20 in a killing near theLone Sassafras Cemetery on Long Prairie.
The Wolfes came to Drew Co. about l840's from Kemper Co., MS. Dock's father was Phillip Samuel Wolfe and his mother was Elizabeth Daniel (born in Fayette Co., TN). The Wolfes were in Perry Co., AL before that and originally from Orangeburgh , SC. The Etheridges and Berryman's in the Green Hill Community all descend from sisters of Philip Samuel Wolfe. Another brother, Hilliard Vasetine Wolf, moved across the Saline River and settled north of Banks in Bradley County, Arkansas.

This is a photo from the Roaring 20's. This is Malcom Vernon Lagrone, his mother, Georgia Alcora VERNON LAGRONE WOLFE (came from Webster Co., MS (Stewart {little town on Hwy. 82 between Winona and Eupora, MS)about l890's, and his half-sister, Minnie Bell MURPHY EUBANK (wife of Virgil Eubank)> Georgia died in l958 about age 80. Vernon died in the l970's. Minnie died in l990 and was born in l895.

from left:
Virgil Eubank, Bing Hale (from Eldorado), James Dock Wolfe (about 6 years old, which would date the picture about l926), Latner Lagrone, Jesse Young Wolfe, Alfred Lagrone, Dan B. Wolfe, Ed Chavis

This is a picture of Thomas Adam Lagrone Each year, a group of the men from the Prairie Community would go "down in the Swamp" huntin. Deer didn't start coming to the Prairie and western Drew Co. too much until the land in the bottoms was being cleared for farming in large quanties. My Aunt Mary Thurman...70 years old....doesn't remember seeing a deer until about l930's and 40's. They would take wagons or their old cars and tent for sleeping arrangements. They would stay gone for a week or two at the time in the fall.

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