Drew County Railroad Men

Moses, Lagrone, Lloyd

Submitted by:  Beth Thurman

left to right

"Don Moses...son of Velma Tubbs Moses....grew up near Midway, moved to McGehee and retired from MoPac..Missouri Pacific Railroad/died about two years ago or better/married Helen Andrews of Midway/had two daughters and a son.

Ira Lagrone...father of Carrol and Raymond Lagrone died many years ago as a Monticello City policeman, son of Thomas Adam (Add) Lagrone who came to lower end of the Prairie in the 1890's from Carrol County and Sunflower Co., MS. son of James Latner Lagrone and Margaret (Maggie) Minyard Lagrone Carpenter

Arthur Lee Lloyd, Jr. wound up in Little Rock...died many years ago buried in the Prairie Grove Cem. had two daughters Ima Lee and Barbara Charlie Allen (Bud Dennis)Thurman....farmed after the railroad years...had six children/wife was Pearl Wells, daughter of W. W. Mary Ann Schutz WELLS of Greene Co., IL Paw Paw was the son of Charlie Monroe and Jesse O'Neal Thurman (who were reared in Lacey but moved to the Prairie Grove Community when Paw Paw was a preschool age boy.

This was most likely the Ashley Drew & Northern Railroad which ran on the western edge of the community and came about 1914 to the area. It no longer exists except at the very nothern end within the city limits of Monticello. People nicknamed it the All Day and All Night Railroad as it ran both times. They were probably clearing land for the rails as they worked on the tracks."

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