Drew County School Photographs

Submitted by: Debbie Finelli

Dates, school names and pupil names are unknown. If you have any information about the following photos, please send me an e-mail. Thanks!!

Linda Carter Henderson thinks the above might be Green Mount School.
"I am not sure, but I think the little boy on the ground in the first row, 6th from the
left with his hand on his ear/face is my dad, Ben. F. Carter. I think the boy to the left behind the ball may be his brother, Francis Marion Carter.
If it is my dad and my uncle, I know they went to Green Mount. I'm guessing these two boys were about 8 or 9, so the year would be around 1925. My dad was born in 1917."
If you recognize any of the students in this or any of the other school photos, please contact me. Thanks!!

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