Prairie Grove

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This is about l901 and l902.Prairie Grove School....Veasey Twp., southeast l7 miles from Monticello.

Front row, left, Dee McManus, Edwin Moore, Norman wells, Elbert Taft, ? , Preston Veasey, Mancy Rial, Homer Myers, chester Adcock, Lee Wolfe, Carlton Lankford, ? , Ellison McManus
second row, left Mary Baker Johnson, Minnie Wright, Laura Scott, Irma Lewis, Mittie Lewis, Emma Dee Thurman Twitty, Eudora Pearl wolfe Deal, Eva Merideth Vick, Jessie Moore High, Jessie Veasey, Lois fox Causey, Effie Harrison Nelson, Bessie Harrison Carpenter, Ecil Wells Haisty, Elvie Scott, Florence Taft Fowler
third row, left Walter Fox, Phil wolfe, Luther LaGrone, Grover Veasey, Earl Murphy, Claud wolfe, Marion Murphy, ? , Frank Hensly (adopted by the Howells), Nelson Taft, Jenny Johnson, Joe Lagrone
fourth row, left Ida Adcock Adams, Minnie Moore Etheridge, Ode Scott, Elma Deal, Maud Scott, Walter Lankford, Delia Vernon Ahrens, Pearl Wells Thurman, Alma Rial Haisty, May Etta Mullins, Johnny Barrett, Annie Mullins (behind Barrett), Tom Riley
back, left Effie Baker Johnson, Lela Myers, Annie Mae Harvey, Lula Murphy, Etta Velma Harvey, Hattie Mae Johnson, Ola Moore Deal, Alma Lee Hackney, Fanny Baker Daniel, ? ,� Clyde Ferguson Deal, Harley Wells, Elmer Wells. In front of the Wells boys are Arlo Taft and Buddy Johnson.

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