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Essie Naron, was born in the community of Line, AR, on the boundary of Drew and Ashley Counties in Jan of 1911. There is hardly anything at all there at present to show that it was once a rather prosperous farming community, except for some sizable nearby cemeteries. My Mom's great-grandfather, Jesse T. Young (1822-1914), was a country doctor and preacher in Line. She can still remember sitting in his lap and having his long, white beard tickle her face when she was not quite four. He is said to have ridden his horse to church and preached on the morning in which he died suddenly that afternoon at age 92.

My Mom visited me in California this past summer and became so bored away from Arkansas that she entertained herself by writing poetry. Below is a poem that she wrote on the community of Line, Arkansas. Ronald E. Bullock

Remembrances On Line
Essie Naron Bullock
On Line has nothing to do with a computer at all,
It's about a place where I lived when I was small.
This was so many years ago to me, it seems,
That it was more like a place known in my dreams.

But Line was a real place between Ashley and Drew,
Where I was born and started to my first school too.
Now, it's all gone, leaving scarcely a trace,
To show that there was ever such a place.

Arkansas is my state, always has been.
I enjoy living there now, like I did back then.
We had our bad times, along with our good,
But I wouldn't change it, even if I could.

Line was a well-to-do community in its time,
A hub of activity set square on the county line.
Small farms scattered out like the spokes of a wheel.
Now the memories left of that are all that's real.

To have all that we needed gave us great pride,
With the following on the Ashley County side:
A doctor, a grocery store, with a post office included too.
The hardware and general store were on the side of Drew.

We dug worms to fish in Cut Off Creek, a neat little stream,
And toward Seven Devil's Swamp we heard a panther scream.
We had two churches and a one-room school where I started out, And at that time that's what our place in the sun was all about.

I walked three long miles to school each way,
And Mama knew I was afraid without me having to say.
She'd walk with me to the main road through the wooded part,
And that gave me enough lift to go on with a happy heart.

We had first grade through eighth together, abuzz like bees,
With one lone woman teacher into work up to her knees.
I don't remember now a thing that I learned back then,
What I remember is getting there and getting home again.

Looking back makes me sad and homesick too,
For the things that are gone that I once knew.
When I look back on my long-ago world,
I wonder what happened to that little girl?

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