Company G, Third Arkansas Calvary Military Pensions 1861-1934
ALLEN, Elijah L.--------------Filed June 25, 1890--Invalid
                                                Died: Cave Springs, AR
BASKINS, Isaac W.-----------Filed: 27 March 1888
BASKINS, William J.---------Filed: 11 August 1890
BELCHER, George R.--------Filed: 02 June 1890/widow
                                                Died: 18 June 1878
BIZZILL, John E.--------------Filed: 20 July 1883—Invalid
                                                Died: 02 June 1898—Lanty, AR
BLAIR, James H.--------------Filed: No Data
BRADLEY, Isaac T.-----------Filed: 12 July 1890
BRADY, James W.-------------Filed: 01 March 1920/widow
BREWER, Edward S.----------Filed: No Data
BROWN, Reuben F.-----------Filed: 26 June 1882—Invalid
BURKETT, John---------------Filed: 24 March 1897--Invalid
BURTRAM, Alexander-------Filed: No Data
CHANCE, Purnell-------------Died: 23 June 1864—Little Rock
                                                Chronic Diarrhea
                                                Pension to mother
CROUCH, Aaron--------------Filed: No Date
                                                Died: 09 June 1916—Durant, OK
CURTIS, John------------------Filed: No Data
DALTON, George W.--------Filed: 12 August 1882—Invalid
DAVIDSON, John------------Filed: 1883
DAVIS, Wait C.---------------Filed: 04 December 1916—Invalid
DENTON, William A.--------Died: 19 January 1864—near Little Rock
                                                Pension to mother 09 January 1889
DONNELL, Frederick H.-----Died: 25 December 1904
                                                Pension to wife
DUNSCOMB, Leander S.----Filed: 24 March 1890—Invalid
EDWARDS, Rufus------------Filed: 1890—Invalid
ESTEP, Samual----------------Died: 26 Mar 1926—Damascus, AR
                                               Pension to widow
GLENN, Andrew P.-----------Wife filed: 1889
GOODNIGHT, William------Widow filed 24 April 1904
GRAHAM, William G.-------Filed: 1892—Invalid
GRIGGS, Cheesley-----------Widow filed
                                               Died: 29 Apr 1909
HALEY, Thomas--------------Died: 18 May 1929
                                               Bentonville, AR
HARNESS, Thomas----------Filed: 1880
HEFFINGTON, Elisha-------Filed: 16 June 1891
HEFFINGTON, Henry-------Widow filed: 1903
                                                Died: 15 Mar 1904—Barney, AR
HEFFINGTON, William F.---1881—Invalid
HENDERSON, Thomas F.----1891—Invalid
HENRY, Andrew B.------------Widow filed
                                                  Died: 10 Dec 1929
HOGUE, Gideon C.-------------1890—Invalid
HOOKER, Zadock---------------1865—Invalid
JONES, Alpha B.-----------------1866—Invalid—permanently disabled
                                                    By gunshot wound at Cadron Mills
LANCASTER, Andrew J.-------Filed: 1913—Invalid
MCGINTY, Robert M.-----------Filed: 1880—Invalid
MCGINTY, Thomas--------------Widow filed: 1916
                                                     Died: 26 February 1916—Greenbrier
MCGLONE, Theodore P.--------1883—Invalid
                                                     Died: September 1913—Enola
MALLETT, George---------------Filed: 1890—Invalid
                                                    Widow 1911
MARTIN, Noah-------------------Minor filed: 1890
MATTHEWS, Jesse R.W.-------Filed: 1890—Invalid
                                                    Died: 21 Aug 1922—Holland, AR
MATTHEWS, John W.----------Filed: 1890—Invalid
MATTHEWS, Joseph------------Filed: 1875—Invalid
MOBBS, John---------------------Filed: 1890—Invalid
MORRIS, William J.-------------Filed: 1905—Invalid
NORWOOD, Daniel-------------Filed: 1895—Invalid
O’BARR, Lovell------------------Filed: 1890—Invalid
PATRICK, Henry F.-------------Filed: 1891—Invalid
PRESLEY, Wyley----------------Filed: 1889—Invalid
QUALLS, William---------------Died: 1928—Enola, AR
REEDER, James-----------------Filed: 1889—Invalid
REESE, Jasper N.----------------Died: 19 Feb 1930—Stigler, OK
REYNOLDS, George M.-------Filed: 1890—Invalid
REYNOLDS, Henry-------------Pension to widow-1867
                                                  Died: 10 December 1864—Little Rock, AR
                                                  Chronic Diarrhea
REYNOLDS, James H.---------Filed: 1882—Invalid
                                                  Died: 15 June 1904-Enola, AR
REYNOLDS, Jesse M.----------Died: 20 June 1926
REYNOLDS, John R.-----------Pension to mother
                                                  No Other Data
REYNOLDS, Presley G.--------Died: 19 May 1910
REYNOLDS, William A.-------Missing-in-Action
RUSSELL, John M.--------------Widow filed: 1901
SANDERS, Hiram----------------Filed: 1883—Invalid
SHOEMAKE, Jesse--------------Filed: 1892—Invalid
SIMMONS, Charles--------------Filed: 1902—Invalid
SMITH, James--------------------Minor filed: 1890
SMITH, John L.------------------Widow filed: 1892
SMITH, Jones (Eric J.)----------Widow filed
                                                   Died: 18 September 1879—Lexington, AR
STARR, Andrew J.--------------Filed: 1880—Invalid
TAPP, James---------------------Filed: 1887—Invalid
THORNE, William B.----------Filed: 1883—Invalid
TOWNSEND, Robert-----------Widow filed
                                                   Died; 06 Feb 1926—Asker, OK
TURPENS, Thomas C.----------Minor filed: 1883
WATSON, Joseph---------------Filed: 1890—Invalid
                                                  Died: 11 October 1922—Conway, AR
WOODWORTH, Alvin---------Filed: 1890—Invalid
The following four men filed for pensions from the Union Army as members
 of Company G, Third Arkansas Cavalry, but were not found
 in the roster:
HILL, John M.
REYNOLDS, Pleasant W.
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