List of 1907 Pensioners from Faulkner County

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--from the Log Cabin Democrat, Thurs., 19 Sep 1907

PENSION CHECKS RECEIVED: List of Faulkner County Pensioners

Over Five Thousand Dollars Distributed in County, Nearly Twice the Amount of the Tax

County Clerk J.A. Hartje last week received the checks from State Auditor Avery F. Moore, the checks for the ex-Confederate pensioners which are paid out in this county.

There are 160 pensioners in Faulkner County, and the total amount apportioned to them was $11,375. On account of the fact, however, that the legislature raised the pensions of all widows of Confederate soldiers to $100, the amount in the state treasury permitted only 46 cents on the dollar to be disbursed, making the amount received in Faulkner County $5232.50.

This amount is nearly twice the total of the pension tax paid in the county last year, which amounted to $2860.11.

The following is a list of the pensioners in the county to whom Mr. Hartje mailed checks last week, each one receiving 46 per cent of the amount given.

Austin Caroline Enola 100
Allen G.D. Conway 25
Browning E.C. Conway 100
Bearden Mary Quitman 100
Beckett W.M. Rose Bud 50
Brewer W.C. Greenbrier 50
Banister S.J. Greenbrier 100
Birmingham J.R. Beryl 50
Baskett Joe Conway 50
Blakely J.W. Turnip 50
Bowden I.W. Beryl 50
Beene W.J. Wooster 30
Bailey S.B. Enola 50
Brantley J.R. Naylor 50
Barker B.B. Conway 50
Bullion W.H. Vilonia 100
Bass S.J. Enders 50
Briley Jesse Vilonia 50
Brummett W.C. Linder 50
Cardin Martha Holland 100
Crossno G.W. Enola 50
Cardin Sallie Holland 100
Coker Lettie Saltillo 100
Carter Alfred Hamlet 50
Cotton F.E. Kendall 25
Cole G.W. Beryl 50
Day W.M. Conway 75
Dempsey J.H. Greenbrier 50
Dallas J.I. Vilonia 75
Duke J.R. Conway 50
Dilbeck Rosella Greenbrier 100
Driskell S.C. Guy 50
DeArmond S.H. Vilonia 50
Dyke William Conway 50
Easterwood G.M. Conway 75
Ford J.P. Vilonia 50
Faulkner S.E. Faulkner 50
Fiddler J.W. Vilonia 50
Fortner R.H. Vilonia 50
Gibbons A.B. Conway 50
Gray John Cato 50
Gill B.F. Turnip 50
Hendrickson J.B. Guy 50
Hardy H.R. Enders 50
Hodge Dolly Vilonia 100
House J.J. Enola 50
Hill Mrs. S.J. Vilonia 100
Harrison Mrs. Annie Conway 100
Hopkins J.A. Mayflower 50
Harrod M.M. Cato 50
Hobbs N. Mt. Vernon 50
Johnson J.L. Ft. Smith 50
Jones Mrs. E.A. El Paso 100
Johnson W.A. Greenbrier 100
Jackson Mrs. N.A. Vilonia 100
Johnson Charlotte Hamlet 100
Jones S.A.C. Conway 50
Jones E.J. Holland 50
Kelley Mrs. M.J. Naylor 100
King Matilda Conway 100
Lawson Mrs. R.H. Enola 100
Lile John Guy 50
Lile Celia Enola 100
Lee L.N. Republican 50
Loveless T.J. Linder 50
Lance Mrs. R.J. Kendall 100
Little Nancy Conway 100
Meek P.E. Conway 50
Milam W.M. Linder 50
Maddox Thos. Rose Bud 50
Milam J.A. Enola 50
Moody J.D. Cato 50
Mills M.E. Vilonia 50
Moffit V.M. Republican 50
Moore Mary E. Enders 100
Mercer B.T. Pliny 50
Moore E.C. Austin 50
McRae Marion Wooster 50
McCord Mrs. N.A. Bernis 100
McKanny J.G. Mt. Vernon 50
McElhany Wm. Morganton 50
McQueen A.M. Conway 75
Nowell D. Pliny 75
Patrick J.A. Conway 50
Price R.F. Guy 50
Parmer Adaline Enola 100
Patty M.J. Quitman 50
Parker D.D. Conway 50
Pinson R.C. Beryl 50
Paul A. Conway 50
Powell F.M. Conway 50
Perkins Mary M. Enders 100
Price B.R. Wooster 50
Reece Mrs. M.J. Enola 100
Robins Rebecca Conway 100
Robinson M.V. Barney 50
Smith Mrs. L.C. Greenbrier 100
Smith P.D. Conway 50
Sanson Mrs. M.E. Conway 100
Smith Mrs. Arcena Beryl 100
Snow E.P. Vilonia 50
Sowrie W.D.F. Greenbrier 50
Steele Mrs. M.J. Wooster 100
Spradlin W.J. Enola 50
Smith D.L. Conway 50
Spencer W.L. Wooster 50
Smith Jas. P. Enders 50
Sumler Jas. E. Beryl 50
Shoulders Alfred Vilonia 50
Shaw Ellen Greenbrier 50
Short Mrs. N.M. Saltillo 100
Thompson P.J. Linder 50
Teagle Mary A. Conway 100
Thornton Nancy E. Argenta 100
Thomas Sam Conway 50
Terrell S.A. Greenbrier 50
Tanner Mrs. M.L. Greenbrier 100
Tanner Mrs. Amanda Conway 100
Townsend G.W. Guy 100
Troxell W.C. Greenbrier 50
Tullos Mrs. Lou Vilonia 100
Vann Mrs. E.A. Greenbrier 100
Wimberly J.K. Conway 50
Wilkerson P.N.J. Vilonia 50
Wilson S.E. Rose Bud 50
Wood T.B. Enders 50
Williams T.W. Mt. Vernon 50
Ward T.H. Wooster 50
Witcher Mrs. M.A. Vilonia 100
Wooley Mrs.E.C. Otto 100
Worsham Anderson Mayflower 50
Webb Martha A. Quitman 100
Wilburn Catherine Enders 50
Young Mary A. Saltillo 100
Yancy J.C. Greenbrier 50

--from the Log Cabin Democrat, Thurs., 19 Sep 1907

The following is a list of pensions allowed by the Board of Confederate Pensions, which met at the court house on May 8th and 13th.

Briley B.T. Vilonia 50
Brown Mary Greenbrier 100
Blakey Jas. W. Turnip 75
Cole G.W. Vilonia 75
Cotton F.E. Kendall 75
Fair N.M. Wooster 100
Gately W.K. Houston 75
Gibbons Mary Republican 100
Herbert W.H. Kendall 50
Hallum Mrs. A. Wooster 100
Hay Alexander Conway 75
Johnson Virgl W. Vilonia 50
Lovil Mrs. A.P. Holland 100
Lee L.N. Republican 75
Mercer B.T. Pliny 75
Noe Alice E. Conway 100
O'Neal M.C. Mayflower 50
Propst H.H. Conway 100
Petty Mrs. S.A. Holland 100
Spencer W.L. Wooster 50
Sowrie W.D.F. Greenbrier 75
Ussery Mattie Mt. Vernon 100
Vaughn Sarah A. Conway 100

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