Log Cabin Democrat

Centennial Edition

History of Faulkner County Towns and Townships

From the LCD Centennial Edition 1873-1973:


"Following the present gravel road north two mile above Cato and them west about seven miles into what are now the Lake Conway bottoms, bordered to the north by a hill of some height composed of shale with a rich silt loam covering, one comes to the site of a former inland village. This was Chadwick.

There are many small streams which drain this area into the nearby Palarm Bayou of years gone by but which is now flooded by Lake Conway.

J.A. Burgin erected a store here in the 1880's and also owned the cotton gin and store at nearby Saltillo. The Wall blacksmith shop was located at Chadwick, as was the Pettyjohn gin and an early community school.

First called Plum Orchard, from the many wild plum trees which grew in rank profusion here, the community was named Chadwick upon the naming of the site as a post office on June 30, 1891. Thomas C. Turpin was the first postmaster. This office was closed Oct. 31, 1906. It is not known how the name was chosen for this new post office.

During the years the town has completely disappeared and it is now the site of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's Quail Restoration Area."

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