Log Cabin Democrat

Centennial Edition

History of Faulkner County Towns and Townships

From the LCD Centennial Edition 1873-1973:


"Along State Road 25 beyond Guy in the northeast section of Faulkner County is the tiny settlement of Enders. This place is reached by a side road three miles along State Road 107, which remained unpaved until the late 1960s.

This community was settled by people from Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama and Missouri. The first families here were the Hamiltons, the Englands, the Livingstons, the Martins, the Plants, the Ervins and the Wrights.

P.V. Hamilton was born Jan. 15, 1872 at Sulphur Springs (Enders) a son of John V. and Harriett (Plant) Hamilton. John Hamilton had been born in Tennessee in 1829 and came to this area at the age of 10 with his family. He married Harriett Plant Nov. 13, 1851 at Sulphur Springs. The Plant family has come to this area in 1847.

John Hamilton was a son of Joseph P. Hamilton who had been born in Overton County, Tenn., in 1795 and died April 24, 1884. He fought in the War of 1812 at New Orleans with Andrew Jackson. He was married to Julia Harding in 1817. In 1831 they moved into Illinois. Then, in 1836, they moved to Searcy County, Ark. In 1839 they moved again to Sulphur Springs community, where they obtained 400-500 acres of land. They raised chickens and took them to Little Rock, selling them for 12 1/2 cents cash money. Hamilton would then ride to Batesville to the federal land office, where he could often buy an acre of land from the proceeds of one chicken.

Shortly before the Civil War a little log schoolhouse was erected near the center of the village. No school was held during the Civil War, but the building was often used as a church.

In 1869 or 1870, W.C. Ellis gave five acres for school purposes. The community worked together getting a new building erected. J.E. Cartland taught this school. He was followed by H.C. Jolly, D.M. Hill and Harry Dickson in its early history.

F.C. Moore of Enders was the first elected clerk of Faulkner County in 1874. Dr. J.W. Price was elected tax assessor while living at Enders. Amon Ledbetter also became a county clerk. Dr. Baxter Hardy served first in the House and then, in 1927, became the senator for this district.

Many Faulkner doctors started their careers here. A.E. Moore, C.J. Hamilton, J.E. Mitchell, Don England, H.B. Hardy, W.I. Clark and Guy Clark are some of the early practitioners.

J.C. Clark was one of the several residents of the community to become an attorney, but he is reported to have preferred the ministry. The Methodist circuit rider occasionally preached in the community, but it was 1871 before an active church was formed. It met in the schoolhouse until the church was finally built in 1909. Dr. A.E. Moore fave the Methodists their land and the building was a community landmark until it was destroyed by a tornado in 1926. This building was immediately rebuilt.

Nov. 26, 1926, a tornado struck the northeast edge of Faulkner County in the Enders-New Home area. A dozen or more buildings were destroyed. Two of the inhabitants here were killed. At the nearby New Home community at least 10 houses were destroyed. Both the New Home and Mount Pleasant church houses were damaged by being blown off their foundations. The Perkins School was destroyed.

The Baptist Church at Enders had occasional meetings at an edifice built in 1887. This sturdy building remained until it was destroyed Thanksgiving Day, 1926. Sulphur Springs Baptist Church was organized in 1878.

There are the present at Enders a number of Sulphur Springs, and their water is used today by many of the nearby residents.

During the many Republican administrations the only prerequisite to secure a post office was to have a little political persuasion with the party in office. The citizens of this Sulphur Springs settlement petitioned Congress for a post office. It was found, however, that there was another Sulphur Springs office in Arkansas, and their petition in that name was denied. The citizens then renamed the town Enders after their congressman, Jordan Enders Cravens. The office opened April 12, 1880, with Franklin C. Moore as the first postmaster. This office was closed April 30, 1927.

About 1880 a stock company was formed at Enders and Prof. E.F. Bell was persuaded to move from Tennessee and run the new Sulphur Springs Academy. The academy was housed in a new two-story building. In later years the building was razed and rebuilt into a one-story building which stood until 1926, when it was destroyed by an early winter tornado. One year later the wreckage of this old school house still remained. During 1927, however, work begun on a new $3,500 school building."

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