Old Faulkner County Arkansas Queries


Jennifer Russell Aug 31, 1998


I am searching for information on the HARTWICK family. I am working on two different lines that may connect at a point, but have not been able to tie together yet. M. Brady HARTWICK married Lizzie Acre, dates unknown, whose children were Blake and Willis HARTWICK. The other line goes back to Leonard and Dahlia HARTWICK born 1775 in N. Carolina. They moved to northern Faulkner County where their son Jacob HARTWICK owned a mill around Guy. I would like to find out who M. Brady's parents, brother's/sister's were and any known information about Leonard and Dahlia's children, grandchildren, etc. Contact by mailing address is Jennifer Russell, P.O. Box 145, Springfield, AR 72157.


Gary Bradley Aug 27, 1998


Looking for info on James A. Bradley born April 1897 to William and Minni (BROWN). 12 brothers and sisters. Gary Bradley Grand Rapids, Mi. e mail steeln @ aol.com any info on his father etc would be great!!


Jo Ann Pennington July 30, 1998


My grandfather, Thomas Jonathan BRANNAN was born in Faulkner county, 8 Nov 1892 and died in Conway, AR 14 Jan 1957. He and my grandmother, Ida Jane Hiett 6 Ap 1885 -1967 were married 18 Nov 1902. Thomas' father, Pleasant R. Branan (note change of spelling) 1845-1913 died in Faulkner county. I do not know his place of birth.


Wayne Hill July 29, 1998


Looking for information on the family of Uriah DICKENS, whose wife was Susan MAY. They came from Gibson Co TN about 1859 to the Greenbrier area of what was then Conway Co (now Faulkner). Susan died during the Civil War, exact date unknown. Any info on either DICKENS or MAY would be greatly appreciated. There is a query on the website about these same people from a Melba Allen, but her email address apparently is no longer valid. Don't suppose you would have an updated one??? Thanks for your help.


Al Ragsdale July 25, 1998


My grandfather,Thomas James RAGSDALE,was born in Logan Co,Ark in 1880. His parents were John Benjamin(b.1851 Ark)Ragsdale and Nancy Ann Underwood(b.1855 Ark). His paternal grandparents(by LDS records) were Benjamin(b.1824 Tn,maybe Hickman Co)Ragsdale and Caroline(b.1826 Tn)Stovall. From other records, I believe that Benjamin's father was William (b.1782 NC) who was next to him in 1850 Johnson Co,Ark. William's line goes back to Godfrey in the 'Elijah Ragsdale' book by Mrs.June Hart Wester. Thomas married Clara Lee BARNES in Sequoyah Co,I.T. about 1904. They 'separated' or 'divorced' about 1915. He joined the Army in 1918 from Groal,Ok(I have not been able to find where this was located-may be Grove?).He was in Lamar Co,Tx in 1920,shown as 'divorced'. She remarried in Faulkner Co,Ark in 1918 to James Tom POTTS. He moved to El Paso Co,El Paso,Tx after 1920. Thomas died in 1943 in Grant Co,Bayard,NM. I have researched county records and written to all nearby counties to Sequoyah Co,Ok but there seems to be no record of their marriage or 'divorce'. I am looking for descendants of Thomas's siblings:Louisa Caroline Farris(m.Van Farris),George Washington(m.Maud Lowery),John Malachi(m.Annie Bloodseal),Martha Elizabeth(m.Henry Pharis,Curt Moore,William Underwood),and Henry Benjamin(m.Iva Reeder).


Debbi Geer July 21, 1998


Searching for any descendants of Burrell, Nathaniel and Seward Geer. Unsure as to if any of these actually lived in Faulkner County, but Burrell owned land in Faulkner County which was evidently adjacent to land he purchased in Van Buren County. Purchase of this land was around 1877 and is in the files of the Government (federal) Land Office's Bureau of Land Management Records.


Bonnie Baker-Palmer July 21, 1998


Your automatic query system seems to be down so I'm sending this to you: Looking for information on the CATO family in Faulkner Co. Any and all CATOs are related to me!


Kelli Tomlinson Stevens July 20, 1998


I am searching for information on the surname TOMLINSON. I found a James TOMLINSON (who purchased land on 3/18/1897) in the Federal Land Records for Faulkner County. Is there any information in the census records that would indicate who resided in the home. If I knew the names of relatives, children, etc. I might be able to make a connection.


Bill Cox July 20, 1998


I'm trying to locate gravesites or any other information on George Thomas WALKER who married Florence L. DAULEY, on September 18, 1878 in Faulkner County, Arkansas. Florence's father was JAMES S. DAULEY and mother unknown. James had a brother, HIRAM DAULEY. The mother of James Dauleys wife is PHEOBE SARGENT. Pheobe Sargent, Hiram and James S. Dauley may be buried in Faulkner County. Would appreciate any help on this family.


Melodie Ann Gunter Comer Pyle July 18, 1998


My father, (Dennis Durward Gunter) was born, raised, and died in Vilonia, Faulkner Co., AR. I have his lineage back to Wales that I would share with whomever is interested. Other names in relation are Stevens/Thornton/House/King/Gregory/Henderson/Dallas/Bermingham. Also, my mother's side has folks in Faulkner/Pulaski Co by the name of Webb. I am in search of James Anderson Webb's first wife who apparently left him with their son Steven Thomas (may have been Virginia but I'd like to know for sure). He retrieved the boy later and raised him with the second wife, Elizabeth Pearson. There is another son of the first wife by the name of Sorris Nathaniel Webb that has eluded me for the moment as well! The third wife and my great-grandmother is Ona Mae Harlow, b 1850 IN (parents unknown at the moment), and was a midwife in that area. If I can be of service, let me know!


JADP July 17, 1998


Would like any information concerning ancestors of Thomas Jonathon BRANNAN 1882-1957 and his wife Ida Jane HIETT 1885-1967. They were married in 1902. Also any information about Thomas's father, Pleasant R. BRANAN 1845-1913.


Peggy Ricker July 12, 1998


Looking for information on Jacob RICKER, heir of brother, William RICKER's bounty land - NW 1/4 of Section 35, Township 7 North, Range 13 West in Faulkner County on April 24, 1826. Any information is welcomed.


Ken Parker July 8, 1998


Lewis STOCKTON was born 1793 in Rutherford County, North Carolina and married Elizabeth HAYES 1822 in Burke County, North Carolina. They had Jonathan b. 1824, Nancy Ann 1826, Monroe 1828, Siphia 1830, Sarah 1832, Daniel 1834 and Martha Jane 1836. My information is that Lewis STOCKTON died at Conway, Arkansas. Does anyone have information on him or his descendants?


Mary Grist July 6, 1998


I would have posted this but the USGenWeb Auto Query Form is disabled. I didn't know where else I could get the desired information except from this e-mail address. In June of 1997, Robbie Burnett submitted "History of Enola". The document is written by Debrill Ingram. In the document she mentions an A. G. Ingram and his wife Mary as being her great-grandparents. I have been trying for some time to find some information on some Ingrams in Arkansas when I ran across this record yesterday. I know that my great great grandmothers' name was Georgian Ingram (born on Nov. 28, 1851 in Arkansas) and that her parents were an A. G. and Mary Ingram. Could these be the same people? Please help? The record found under Faulkner County, Arkansas archived records does not mention an address or an e-mail and I would be very interested in contacting the person or persons responsible for the document? I e-mailed to an address that was on the same page as the document I found and this is the response that I received: I'm sorry but I'm no longer the Ark. Archives Volunteer. The present volunteer is Peggy; there have been at least 3 volunteers besides us in the past that I know of; I don't know who uploaded the file!!! If the info isn't on the file, I really doubt any of us could tell you where it came from since whoever's in charge generally gets about 30-40 e-mails a day about the archives or with files for it; there's just no possible way to remember all of them!!! What I would suggest is posting to the Ark. mail list; see if you get a response there. Most of the people who've submitted info to the Archives is on that list. Good luck! Bonnie How would I go about posting to the Ark. mail list? I have subscribed to the KYJacksonPurchase mail list through rootsweb and have that e-mail address, but I just now started looking in Arkansas for another side of my family. Do you have any information on some Ingrams living in Faulkner County. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Mary Grist


Laura Sparks July 3, 1998


My Name is Laura Sparks from Chico,CA. I would like to post a query for the ARMSTRONG/BRINDLE/FIELDER/PARKER Family in Faulkner Co. My ggrandmother, Elizabeth FIELDER BRINDLE and her husband Thomas J. BRINDLE came from Murray Co. GA to Faulkner Co. AR between 1880 and 1890. He apparently died during that time and she remarried M. K. ARMSTRONG (Mathew) 24 Sept 1891. They had 2 children, A.K. (Arthur) and Grover. They probably lived in Guy. Other names associated with the family are Cordelia/William PARKER, Gordon PARKER. Would appreciate any and all information on the above names. Thanks, Laura Sparks


Jo Anna Dale July 2, 1998


I need someone to look up the marriage of Harry Sterling BOYD and Dorothy Evelyn SHUMATE. I think they were married in 1926 in Conway, Arkansas. I'm sorry I don't have either the month or the day. I will pay for photocopying and postage, and reasonable research fees. Thank you for helping me. Jo Anna Dale, 704 Ponca Drive, Independence MO 64056-2053


Jean McLemore June 30, 1998


Researching Anderson Family bur in Cypress Valley Cemetery, Faulkner County, AR. James A. ANDERSON, B. 7-30-1830, D. 6-5-1885, Samuel L. ANDERSON, b. 9-2-1800, d. 3-22-1864, Thomas S. ANDERSON


Melba Holland June 30, 1998


Seeking info on my half-brother, Lemanuel Cornelius COSBY, white male, b. 13 Aug 1908. Parents - James C. "Jim" COSBY and Theodoshia Gertrude Rodgers COSBY. They were married in Faulkner Co. on 01 Aug 1907, license issued to J. C. COSBY, 30, and Doshey Rodgers, 24. Jim had been a deputy sheriff at one time. Lemanuel may not have known his real mother as he was kidnapped by his father at age 4. The mother was never able to locate her husband or son. Any assistance greatly appreciated.


Madison Jobe June 23, 1998


I am looking for further information about my great grandfather Madison A. Jobe born 1858 in Henry County, TN. He is shown in the Faulkner Co., AR census of 1880, his father I believe was James S.Jobe originally from TN but later (circa 1860)in Fulton Co., AR and then later Faulkner Co., AR I believe he died in 1880 in Faulkner Co.


Dee Drummond June 19, 1998


I am seeking information about my gggrandmother,Julia Ann MANASSAH,TUCKER I was told as a child that she was full blood,CHEROKEE. Her daughter,my grandmother was Carrie Bernice TUCKER, MATTHEWS. and I know absolutely nothing about her family.Any information would be greatly appreciated..,Also, Manassah B. TUCKER who is buried in THORN CEMETERY Was he a relative? Please reply to; Dee Drummond stoneypt@pacbell.net


Ken Parker May 31, 1998


I am a grandson of Robert Lee Saye and Lillian Grace Hutchison of Vilonia and of Richard Franklin Parker and Mary Alabama Faulkner of Conway. I have considerable information on the Sayes, Hutchisons, Parkers and Faulkners at The Ken Parker Family Page and invite anyone interested to check it out. Ken Parker


Don C. Thompson May 28, 1998


Looking for information on Classic O. LANGSTON who married L. T. PATTON on Oct 12, 1882. They lived in Wooster and had four children: James Levi, Nora, Mary Alma and Frank Daniel. Appreciate anything.


Edith Corley May 27, 1998 & June 11, 1998


FROM May 27, 1998: I am seeking info. on a Barbara Ann(LEVESQUE)MCCLURE who may be buried in one of your FAULKER CO. cemeteries. She was born 5/25/1934 & died 4/1980. Her parents were FRED & LOTTIE LEVESQUE. The social security index listed her last address as GREENBRIER ARK. & her last benefit was sent to CONWAY ARK. I would be very grateful for any help in this matter. Please send all e-mail to the following address: enfc@juno.com
FROM June 11, 1998: I am seeking info. on a Barbara(LEVESQUE)MCCLURE, who may have lived in FAULKNER Co. Her parents were Fred & Lottie LEVESQUE. She was born in 1934 & died in 1980. She married Billy Gene MCCLURE of Dallas, Tx., in 1958. I would like to know where she is buried. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Pleas send all e-mail to the following address: enfc@juno.com


Nelda Baker May 27, 1998


I am looking for info on Mathew ARMSTRONG b. June 1848 in Ala. and his wife Martha J. BOLING b. 1853 in Tenn. They were in Faulkner County from 1880 through 1900. Martha died sometime around 1888 in Faulkner. Mathew remarried Elizabeth Bingle in 1891 in Faulkner. Francis C. ARMSTRONG married John MAYS Dec. 15, 1891 in Faulkner. She is daughter of Mathew and Martha. Any info on these people appreciated.


Irene Samples May 27, 1998


Please help if you can. I am looking for the ancestors and Siblings of Mary Ann WALKER, born abt 1769 in Greenbrier Co. VA. Died December 20, 1854 at Clendenin, WV. She was married to Robert A. SAMPLES, September 20, 1795 at the Greenbrier Baptist Church by Rev. John ALDERSON, Any Information would be greatly appreciated


Peggy W. Hackler May 25, 1998

White Antioch Cemetary

The LFaulkner Co. Cemetaray book lists my great great grandfather, C. B. Hackler as being buried in "White" Antioch Cemetary. This past Saturday, we followed the directions given in the book but could not find it. Is it possible that it has been relocated since it was located on Camp Robinson? The book called it an abandoned cemetary.


Tempest May 19, 1998


Does anyone know where I could find the TYGART cemetery? I've been told it exists, but can no longer get in touch with the man who told me about it. Supposedly it was/is a family cemetery in Faulkner County, I think he said out near Otto. Would like any info you can offer on it, or the surname Tyagart/Tygard/Tagart, as I am descended from these people.


Jim Bell May 17, 1998


My name is Jim Bell b: in Faulkner County, Ar. I would like to help if it would help, I have a book by Gina Bell and Allied families dating back to the early 1700's. send email if I can help?


Brian Motsinger May 13, 1998


I'm looking for info on William MOTSINGER who died in Faulkner Co. Arkansas August 24,1896. info on children exspecially appreciated. Thanks, Brian Motsinger


Darlene Pace May 13, 1998


Hi I am searching for Niece Isabelle BRUMLOW( Belle)b- 1875 Conway Faulkner co Ark my Granny story is she was raised by Hooks Her father was Wiley de Terry Brumlow b- 1844 Ms (according to Belle's death Cert father b- in Ms His Pension records show Ms. altho census records say Tx,Tenn.Ms) He died in 1924 Perry co Ark. Unable to find who her mother was (found marriage records in Pulaska for Wiley BRUMLOW & M. P HOOKS in 1872) 1880 Census show a Miley Brumlow living next door to Hooks Know that He remarried a Mary Tullos in 1879 Had several daughters grannys half sister...My granny Married in Perry Co Ark 1891 to William Halcumb b- 1870 perry co ark.(he had two half brothers Jasper Ragsdale b-1857 the oldest and Robert Williams b-1865 His mother apparently was involved with RAGSDALE,WILLIAMS, HALCUMB, a Mr DAHL who raised Grandfather William HALCUMB un sure of their Mothers first name) Granny & Grandpa Halcumb moved to Ok by 1900 and had a store there..any information on this tangles web would certainly be appreciated.


Jean-Pierre D'Houndt May 10, 1998


I am related to an Hiegel Family who partly settled in Conway in the beginning 1870. Could you forward my E-Mail number to the descendants of this family who still live in Arkansas. Many thanks before hands


Paula May 2, 1998


I am looking for information leading from the 1910 census, which lists my HAWKINS, Robert C. wife: Mary Ann along with some of their children. They are listed in the 1910 Faulkner Co Census. Thank you, please email PaulaLHJ@aol.com


Mary Ann Lowe May 1, 1998


Would like to post a query for Faulkner CO. AR. Need marriage license for Henry McDonald LOVE who married ??? (possibly Polly Henderson) between 1880 and 1888. Son, Charles Sadler Love may have been b. there in 1888. Any help is appreciated. Mary Ann Lowe


Jean Wallace Apr 30, 1998


Wish contact with anyone interested in the following: 1.James Elisha MONTGOMERY b. 1 June 1879 AR, d.15 Oct 1969 Guy, Faulkner Co, AR, m. 1. Lou Vineyard GLOVER b. Jan 1881 Guy, Faulkner, AR, dau. of 2. Henry Preston GLOVER and wife Sarah A. "Sally" SIMS, dau. of 3. George W. SIMS and wife Ann JOHNSON. 2. Robert Aslum MONTGOMERY b. 8 Oct 1856 Dalton, Whitfield Co, GA, d. 3 Jul 1927 Guy, Faulkner, AR, m Stone Co, AR to 2. Sarah Jane ROWAN, b. 26 May 1858 AL, d.21 Nov. 1939 Guy, Faulkner, AR, dau of 3. Elisha ROWAN and 3. Jane "Jenny" (REYNOLDS) ROWAN. I have info, and I'm happy to exchange.


Janice Kay Curtis-Cantrell Apr 28, 1998


My family could be buried in the Marcus Hill Cemetery there. Do you know of anyone who has a list of the persons buried there that are willing to do lookups? Also I do lookup for the whole state of Arkansas. I have the following books: Arkansas Death Record Index 1014-1923, 1934-1940. Soon will have the index 1924-1933 (this week sometime). You can put me down as a lookup source for your county. I also have a web page if anyone would like to see who I am researching. The address is: http://www.zianet.com/cantrell Thank you, Janice Kay Curtis-Cantrell


John L. Vaughn Apr 28, 1998


Vaugh(a)n, John L. b 28 Mar 1857 was at Beryl, Vilonia, Ar in l901-2. Built Log Cabin on road from Conway to Vilonia. Would Like any info on his marriages and his father James E. Vaughn E mail me at ( arkiev@aol.com) H.E. Vaughn


Jean Wallace Apr 16, 1998


Elijah ROWAN and wife Jane "Jenny" REYNOLDS were in Sharp Co, AR in 1870, Searcy Co, AR. in 1880, and some of them in Faulkner Co, AR. in 1900. Marriages records were not found in Searcy Co, so probably married in Faulkner Co. I'm looking for names of spouses of the following ROWAN siblings: ROWAN, Nancy L. (married Stone Co?) Sarah Jane "Sally" married Stone Co, AR to Robert A. MONTGOMERY. Mary L. (The rest probably married in Faulkner County): ROWAN, Barbara Catherine Robert Henry Florence Elender William G. (George?) Bailey D. (David?) Amanda N.   Frank M. Need spouses names of the above. Will be happy to share info. with anyone with knowledge of this family. Thanks Much, Jean Dice Wallace


ML Todd-Cornelius Apr 7, 1998


Searching for the descendents of Berry Grove Muse, b. 25 Nov 1843 in Tippah County,MS, and his wife Anna Elizabeth Muse, b. 29 Sep 1847 in Bedford County,TN. They had the following children, raising them all in the city of Conway: James M. Muse, MD John H. Muse William G. Muse Sampson J. Muse Oscar Lee Muse Tavner C. Muse Lizzie D. Muse Laura M. Muse Ollie M. Muse Minnie E. Muse More info gladly shared. ML Todd-Cornelius


Rubie Gann Apr 1, 1998


Jasper Levi Gann married Ruthie Angelina Parsons, Children: Elijah, Alexander, Emma, Nellie, Virgil, all raised in Holland, Faulkner Co., AR.


Diane (O'Kelley) Nylin Mar 30, 1998


Looking for info on the following families: Edgar Carlton PRICE (b. 8/31/1901) m. to Gena Clarice QUATTLEBAUM (12/4/1902-10/1992). I believe they were both born in Guy and raised part of their family of 7 children there. Carlton was a school supt. at some time and graduated from the University of Ar. I also think a number of family members (QUATTLEBAUM and PRICE) are buried in Guy. I would especially like to locate documents (i.e. newspaper clippings, pictures, birth, marriage, death certificates, etc.). Any info appreciated. Diane (O'Kelley) Nylin


Vera Boyatt Mar 26, 1998


I am researching all HARKRIDER - HARKRADER's I wonder if there is anyone who has back copies of FAULKNER FACTS AND FIDDLINGS and would be willing to do a look-up for me. JAMES H HARKRIDER VOL 6, No 2, summer 1964 I am also researching the CHARLES family of VA and Hawkins Co TN. The following lady supposedly came from Hawkins. MYRTLE CHARLES in Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings VOL 9 No 2 Summer 1967 I realize this was a long time ago and perhaps no one kept those issues. Thanks for any help. Vera Boyatt


Kathi Hodson Morse Mar 24, 1998


My grandmother, Dollie M. GRAHAM (1892-1985) was born in Greenbrier, Faulkner Co. AR. Her parents, James Sanders GRAHAM (1849-1911) and Mary E. KEY LAWRENCE GRAHAM (1850-1904), were both born in Tennessee, but were married in Faulkner Co. in 1890. They were both previously widowed and had several children from previous marriages. My grandmother was the only child from their marriage. James and Mary are buried in the Thorn Cemetery near Greenbrier. I have some information from the 1900 Faulkner Co. Census, but I would like to know more about the GRAHAM and LAWRENCE half-siblings in the Greenbrier area. I believe some GRAHAM descendants are still living in the Greenbrier/Conway area to the present day. Any information would be very helpful. Kathi Hodson Morse


Ermey, Paula Mar 24, 1998


Searching for information on William Lewis TAYLOR, b. 18 May 1871 in Faulkner Co., AR, Married Addie May KAHLER in 1890. Addie was born in Mexia, Limestone Co, TX Oct 1871. She was the daughter of William & Harriet KAHLER. William & Addie's children were Dorothy, Opal, Olin, Florence, Clevie L., Carrie L.(born in Waco)and Jewell (born in Hubbard City). William Lewis TAYLOR's brother was Gilbert TAYLOR, b June 1873 in AR, married Emma COOK in 1897, possibly the daughter or grandaughter of William COOK. Gilbert & Emma's children were Thelma and Emma. William & Gilbert TAYLOR's other siblings were Lizzie, Calvin and John. William KAHLER was born in Nassau(Germany) in 1843 and married Harriet (?), born in TN, died 1873 in TX, he then married Martha (?) born in AL, in June 1851. William & Martha KAHLER's children were Willie, Emma, John J., Mary E. and Gussie. WILLIAM LEWIS TAYLOR, GILBERT TAYLOR AND WILLIAM KAHLER were all listed in the 1900 census of Limestone Co., TX. Any information appreciated. Paula in Dallas, TX.


Leslie Henderson Bieker Mar 21, 1998


I am searching for the family of Josephine HARRINGTON. She married John Phelps Henderson and lived in Leslie, AR but I have been told that she was from Faulkner CO, around the Greenbrier area. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have no information on Josie at all. Thank you Leslie Henderson Bieker


Lynn Swadley Mar 4, 1998


Looking for info on DEPRIEST family in Faulkner County, Elijah Virgil DePriest married to Mary Ann Swindle. Their son was my great grandfather Palace DePriest-born 2-16-1870 Any info, records most helpful, have info on family from there. Any help on the DEPRIEST family. Palace Firm DEPRIEST and brother Lafayette DEPRIEST sons of Elijah Virgil DEPRIEST and MAry Ann SWINDLE who lived were born in Faulkner in mid 1800's. They moved to Newton county Mo where Palace was born 2-16-1870, Any help out there? Thanks!


Irwin Mar 3, 1998


Trying to get surnames registered. Told to contact co. rep which is you, so here goes: BROWN, Oscar b. 8 Aug 1879 in AR (where?); md. in Faulkner Co. Rebecca HOOKS on 26 Jul 1903; died 13 April 1923, Faulkner Co., AR.; buried Oak Bowery cemetery, Saltillo, Faulkner Co. AR. Who are his parents? brothers?sisters? 1910 + 1920 census Faulkner Co. AR say his parents were both born in AR. Help! HOOKS, William Henry - confederate veteran Co. B, 10th Arkansas Regiment. Born 1841 in Kentucky; married to Martha A. (what is her surname?) Died gun shot wound in 1922 at home in Faulkner Co. AR. Buried at Cato cemetery, just over the Faulkner co. line in Pulaski co., AR. Parents? Brothers? Sisters? 1900, 1910,1920 census says father was from North Carolina; mother from Tennessee. How did the Hooks get to Faulkner Co.? When? Is listed in 1873 as early taxpayer of Faulkner Co. William Henry HOOKS & Martha A. parents of 11 children. Descendants still in Faulkner co? Contact me please. I have access to census records at the Salt Lake City Family History Library, which I visit about twice a month. I will be happy to search indexes for surnames for Faulkner Co. AR inquiries.


Leslie Mar 1, 1998


I am searching for a Faulkner County Cemetery listing for Roswell WOODWORTH and his wife, Amanda WOODWORTH. Any and all help would be appreciated. I know that his son is buried in Faulker County. Thanks, Leslie


Donna (Stoker) Risk Feb 13, 1998


My g-grandfather was William Henry STOKER b-27 mar.1874 d-30 jun.1941 was married to Martha Cathern EVERETTE b-19 aug.1880 d-30 sept.1956 they married in Morrelton mar. 1898. they lived in Naylor and had 8 children. Aurther Lee my grandfather.,Bell,Ellen,Armor,Jesse Thomas,William Owen,Iva M, and Marguerite. I am trying to find out where William (Henry) STOKER came from. The story goes that he came up from Texas on a business matter with a Mr.Compton.However it is said that Henry was born at the foot of Lookout Mt.Georgia and ran away from home because his father made them work in the tobbaco fields from daybreak till dark. I have not been able to find any facts. Most of the family lived most all their lives in and around Naylor and Vilonia. Jesse (Tom) Stoker played pro bassball for a little while. Any help with any of the family will be so appreciated,and very welcomed. Donna (Stoker) Risk


Hervy Glover Jan 1998


John Jackson GLOVER. b.1814, d. 1/26/1891.  John Jackson Glover is my gg-grandfather through his son also named John Jackson Glover.  I have a ( very bad ) photocopy of a picture taken of what looks like a painting of John Jackson Glover and his 2nd wife PAMELIA JANE.   I would like to have a better copy of this photo or an actual photo of the painting if possible. I believe the painting is in the possession of one of John Jackson Glover's descendents in Faulkner County.  Also, does anyone know J. J. Glover's exact birth date ?  Thanks, Hervy Glover


D Wood Sun Jan 25 1998


ENGLAND, FOUST - Lena ENGLAND was born in Hardin township of Faulkner county on Jan. 2, 1915. Her parents were John England b.c.1870 and Viola Foust b. c.1880. Looking for info on either parent.


Jerry Morrison Thur Jan 22 1998


My GGGgrandfather Miles MORRISON is listed as having died in Conway, AR, Dec 15 1833. I am any seeking information on him or other members of his family. The family is listed on the Independence County 1830 U.S. census in Christian Twp.. How or why he died in Conway not known. Was Faulkner County part of Independence County at that time? I would sincerely appreciate any information on this family.


Roger Lenk Tue Jan 20 1998


I am looking for information on John Bruce CROW born 6/15/1875 in Mt. Vernon, AR. He married 10/25/1899 and died 4/18/1957 in Heber Springs,AR. The only known child is Mable CROW born 2/19/1904. If anyone knows of this family please e-mail me at relenk@utech.net Thank you.


Bill Luce Tue Jan 20 1998


I'm just starting a genealogy search of the LUCE family. My dad was raised in Faulkner County East of Conway of Palarm Creek. Where can I get records of deaths(my granddad) from approx. 87 years ago? Would the State Health Department have them or would there be somewhere in the county that might have that information. Also, where might there records of property owned in 1910 to 1920?


Alyce/Claude Freeman Sat Jan 17 1998


THOMAS FREEMAN b. ca 1832 Tn. md. Louisa Gage 1852 in Pulaski Co. AR and lived Conway Co. 1870 owned land in Faulkner Co during 1880s. Thomas was the son of WILLIAM FREEMAN b. KY ca 1785 and SARAH BRUNK who md. 1812 Hardin Co., KY. Does anyone know anything about Thomas or his decendants?


Keith Shipley Sat Jan 17 1998


Looking for line of BARNES, Hyram Moss, b. April 20 1873, Conway, AR. D. April 28, 1948, probably in Kansas.


Pat Koger Thur Jan 1 1998


Looking for Melvin D. HUNT m Elizabeth Anne Taber. She was born 1908 Little Rock. My LEWIS query can be updated,somewhat,to include the following: Billie Josephine and Helen LEWIS' father,Theo T LEWIS. Mother Sarah/Delilah LEWIS,possibly a brother or uncle living with them in 1930 in Little Rock, James LEWIS.


Sharron Ashton Sun Dec 28 1997


Seeking information on the mother of Sarah "Salley" (BRADLEY) BREEDING, b. 1873/1877, d.1958 Faulkner Co., bur. Mt. Vernon Cem. Sarah m. 1896 Benton Co AR to Ed BREEDING. Her death certificate does not give names of her parents. Need obituary, funeral home record, or descendant who can provide info on Sarah's parents. Thank you for any assistance.


William Gary Wray Wed Dec 24 1997


Researching surname WRAY Family came from Carroll Co. Tn. about 1882/1883. Originally from Halifax Co. Va. bofore Carroll Co. Tn. Laban Palmer Wray Jr. married Mary Young Kennon in Carroll Co. Tn. and they had five or six children there - then moved to Faulkner Co. Ar. (community of GUY) and remainder of the children were born there. Both are buried in Faulkner Co. Ar. Would love to be in contact with ANY decendants - have a very large data- base and willing to share all with family members. Thank you very much. William Gary Wray


Steve Dyke Sun Dec 21 03:45:00 1997


MARTIN/McMORAN - Looking for the parents of Henry MARTIN, (b. 11/22/1880, Brinkley, AR.(?)- d. 7/20/1924 in Faulkner, Co, AR).  Married Mary Louise McMORAN (b. 2/14/1881-d. 1/10/1972, Faulkner Co, AR). I have some info on the McMORANs.  SEVIER - Looking for info on William H. SEVIER (b. 10/1858 - d. 1925, Faulkner Co), married to Mary H. --- (b. 1/1860 - d. 1941, Faulkner Co.). I have some info on their children.


M Taylor Sat Dec 6 02:08:10 1997


I am looking for information on my great-grand father, JOHN GANDY MCGEE, who married my great-grandmother, DULCINIA ANN KING, in Faulkner County in mid 1880's. In the 1900 Census he said he was born in Alabama in 1852. In either 1899 or 1900 he moved his family into Indian Territory at Sallisaw.  In the fall of 1900 he left home to look for work and was never heard from again.


Dr. Alton Loveless Sat Nov 29 18:52:54 1997


Seaching LOVELESS lines with families in Faulkner Co., Arkansas.  MY LOVELESS LINE: Blessingame LOVELESS (1806 SC-1883 GA) Thomas Jahue LOVELESS (1836 SC - 1908 Faulkner co., ARK); David Lee LOVELESS (1889 - 1969 Faulkner Co., ARK); William Daniel LOVELESS (1914 - 1983 Faulkner Co.,ARK); Alton E. LOVELESS (1937 ARK -)  I have many other LOVELESS lines distantly kin to this LOVELESS family. Other well known Faulkner lines that I have hundreds of names of: GLENN, TUCKER, BLAIR, LIEBLONG, BANISTER, THOMAS, TYLER, EARNHART, CRAIG, SAWRIE.


Dr. Alton Loveless Sat Nov 29 18:48:01 1997


JAMES BLAIR (1770 Ireland - 1838 NC) WILLIAM BLAIR (1798 NC - 1878 TN) JOHN WASHINGTON BLAIR (1827 NC-1908 Faulkner Co.,ARK) ->WILLIAM YOUNG BLAIR (1858 - 1907 Faulkner Co., ARK) -> EDWARD CLINTON BLAIR (1881 - 1949 Faulkner Co., ARK) -> MILDRED LUCILLE BLAIR (1918 Faulkner Co.,ARK - ) ALTON E. Loveless (1937 Faulkner Co.,ARK - )  I have a large database of this BLAIR family.


Dr. Alton Loveless Sat Nov 29 18:26:43 1997


I AM RESEARCHING the CASWELL TUCKER line. He was born Jan. 07, 1805 in N.C. and died May 14, 1865 in Bradley county, tennesse. He married Lucinda Elizabeth STAPLES, born May 7, 1812 in Va. She died June 1, 1865 ;in Bradley co., Tn. It is said they had 13 children. Eleven of whom moved to Faulkner Co., Arkansas after the Civil war. The following are the children I have record of: William Anderson TUCKER, b. Mar. 15, 1827, died July 6, 1852; Thomas Henry TUCKER, b. Jan. 15, 1829, died aug. 27,1896 George Washington TUCKER, b. Feb. 28, 1831; Daniel Lafait (Lafayette) TUCKER, b. Aug. 4, 1833, died Jan.7,1917; Marion Franklin TUCKER, b. Jan. 10,1835,died Apr. 10,1900; John Swing TUCKER, b. Mar. 28, 1839, died Jul 29, 1906; Elizabeth Jane TUCKER, b. Feb. 4, 1842, died died Nov. 20, 1908; Margarett Azline TUCKER, b. apr. 22, 1845; Charles Staples TUCKER, b. Feb. 11, 1848, died Feb. 1918; Sarah E. TUCKER, b. Mar. 22, 1852; Philadelphia D. TUCKER, b. Mar. 3, 1856, died Jun.6, 1858.  All were born either in Bledsoe or Bradley Counties, Tennessee. Thomas; Henry is buried in the King Cem. near Cleveland, Tn. Bradley Co. It is assumed that Caswell and wife are also buried there but no proof is available. It is a small Cem. with few marked graves. Most of the other children are buried in Faulkner Co., Arkansas.  Any help is appreciated.  Likewise, I have over 25,000 Tucker and allied families in my database files and will be happy to help anyone.


Nathan Bratcher Fri Nov 14 08:49:32 1997


A Looking for any information on the following surnames of Faulkner Co., Arkansas. WILSON, FULMER, PATRICK, HAMM, HAM.  The FULMER family came from Germany, thru South Carolina, to Faulkner Co. Ark. Daniel FULMER b:1839 Sc, had my great grandfather William Jerry (JURD) FULMER b:1872 Ark. William's FULMER's wife was Nancy Minnie HAMM b:1876 in AL. She was the daugter of Augustus HAMM b:1844 and Mary TANNER b:1845. Augustus is found in the Faulkner Co. area from 1900-1920. William FULMER's daughter Ora Mae FULMER b:1902 Faulkner Co., Ar. married my grandfather Oscar Forest WILSON b:1891 Oscar's parents were Thomas Marion WILSON b:1850 Ga. and Tilitha Jane PATRICK b:1861 in Howard, Ar. I think Jane's father may have been Henry PATRICK b:1815 in TN; found in Faulkner Co., Ark. 1880 census.


Donna Moore Wed Nov 12 02:49:34 1997


A GIST family from the Iron City, Wayne Co, TN area came to Faulkner Co, AR in the 1870s, according to the "History of Enola (Early Settlers)" article found in the Faulkner Co, Ark Archives. I am very interested in tracing this family as I believe this line may be directly related to mine.


Jerry Dodds Sat Nov 8 17:30:34 1997


Am searching for any information on my G-Grandparents that were married and lived in Faulkner Co. Arkansas in the late 1800's.  William Emmitt ROSAMOND b. July 29, 1868 MS d. July 18, 1924 Norman,OK married April 14, 1894 at Conway, Faulkner Co. AR  Martha Jane McPHERSON Jones b. 1870 GA d. ???? Boggy Depot, Atoka Co.OK.   Their Children;
1. John Amos ROSAMOND b. July 5, 1898 Hardin Township, Faulkner Co. AR
2. Charlie James ROSAMOND b. ???? 1901 Hardin TWP, Faulkner Co. AR
3. Susie Ann ROSAMOND b. Dec.27, 1903 Conway, Faulkner Co. AR  (my grandmother).  The family moved to Boggy Depot, Indian Territory in 1905 (Atoka Co.OK).


Danny Turner Sun Oct 12 17:12:16 1997


Would like information on W.D.Rice and son Joe L as showen in 1880 cnesus of Jefferson Co. Bogg Twy. W.D. listes as 65 yrs. old and son as 15. Thay are listed as labores. I am looking for the parents of Joe L. Rice. Joe had a sister Nancy or Nanny who married Saml C.C. Hammons 27 Mar. 1879 Jefferson Co. W.D and son are listed as black if this is true then this is the wrong family. Joe L. Rice was b. tn. 20 May 1865. Joe moved to Faulkner Co. and m.Leona Bell Brantley 8 Mar. 1890 White Co. Ar. Joe was my grandfather. Woulk like any help.


Mary Turney Miller Fri Oct 3 17:19:27 1997


TURNEY - working on Turneys in Arkansas. Some lived in Quitman area, would like information on them. Will exchange information. My line is from Peter and Hannah Turney who arrived from TN to Higden, AR area about 1834-35. Their children married into Graham, Presley, Reavis, Bittle, Gray, Potter, Lynn, Polk, Cullum, Allison families.


Glendle Helton Griggs Tue Sep 30 19:04:00 1997


I am searching for ancestors of Mary Francis (Fannie) Madden b. 1874 in OK. She lived in Faulkner County in 1910. She was married to James K.P. Helton @ 1895.


Pat Gulley Tue Sep 23 14:34:57 1997


I am looking for John Lorenzo Ingram in Independence Co. and Falkner Co. His father is belived to be Alonzo Clarke Ingram. Also looking for James Madison Gunn and John Barber Any information would be appreciated.


Donna Taylor Tue Sep 23 13:55:44 1997


I am researching ROBERT WESLEY STONE, b. 18 Jan 1871 in Mt. Vernon, d. 7 Oct 1949 in Greene Co. His father's name might have been Steve; mother is unknown. Siblings were Lum Stone and Mrs. Homer Adkinsen of Mt. Vernon and Mrs. Virgil Terry of Conway. Any info concerning his parents, sisters' given names, or other family members would be appreciated.


Kim Johnson Mon Sep 22 13:48:55 1997


My grandparents Daniel Deere and Mary Elizabeth Sampley were married in Faulkner County Aug. 9, 1903. Would appriciate any information on these two surnames and wonder if anyone with these surnames still lives in this county.


ANN RUIZ Mon Sep 22 08:44:04 1997




Terry Holder-Lampo Sun Sep 14 18:41:37 1997


Would like info on Eliza Caroline Butler Holder 2/24/1897=6/2/1953 her parents James Thomas Butler and Sarah Langley Butler siblings Martha T Butler Amanda T. Butler Benjamine F. Butler need info on these for lack of it!! are on 1880 census in Faulkner co. Eliza went by name of Liza and Lizzy married my G-grandfather George Washington Holder 3/25/1901 they lived at Denmark Ar. and Bradford Ar. any relatives out there???? any one ever knew them?? children:Viola Holder Anderson= Luceal Holder Dunn= George T. BUD Holder= Earl D. Holder (my Grandfather)=Robert D Holder=Edna E Holder Anderson


Linda Doty Mon Sep 8 18:14:08 1997


Looking for descendants from Hudson family located in Faulkner Co. AR in 1880 census. Sarah 46 b. TN, Mathilda 15 AR, Elijah 11, Millie 8, Caldonia 6, Charles 2. Looks like Palarna twp. Father may have been William. Linda Doty (10-10-97 please email AaronLC@aol.com)


Pat Koger Sun Sep 7 16:58:36 1997


Faulkner County- Conway,Ar. My mother was born in Newport,Ar. She later lived and maybe married in Conway. She had one child in Conway.I am trying to find her parents' names. She was born in 1912.Her name was Billie Josephine LEWIS.she married Henry Sheldon TABER abt.1929.They had a child,Robert Lewis TABER in Conway in Nov.1930.She moved to Springfield OH abt 1939.She divorced then,1940 +-. She had a sister, Helen LEWIS.A sister in law was Elizabeth Anne TABER HUNT,b. Little Rock 1908,in Pulaski Co. My LEWIS query can be updated,somewhat,to include the following: Billie Josephine and Helen LEWIS' father,Theo T LEWIS. Mother Sarah/Delilah LEWIS,possibly a brother or uncle living with them in 1930 in Little Rock, James LEWIS.


Jana Cherrill Mon Sep 1 02:42:09 1997


My grandmother, Mirandia Annie Evans (married name Gibson) was from Conway,Faulkner Co, Arkansas. I believe she left the area at around the age of 15yrs old. She moved to Oklahoma, eventually settling in Oklahoma City, and later in Shawnee, Oklahoma. I would like to know if there is any record of her in the census or in other (possibly birth) records. Her family included an unknown male Evans, who married Molley Marandia Hoviss. Their son, Green Berry Evans, married Annie ?? (unknown surname). Their son was Edward Job Evans. He married Ida Lois Turner, possibly in the 1880's. She had cousins in the area as late as 1982, when we visited several of her relatives. Her dates were ??1901 to Nov 1988?? She married Albert Elmer Gibson, from Mountain Home, Arkansas around 1920.


Bob Patty Fri Aug 22 21:25:11 1997


Am trying to locate anyone who has information on any of the following families. Patty, Ligon, Livingston, Winter, Lay, or Harvey. The Patty's were in/around Quitman, Enders, and Rosebud, in the mid to late 1800's.


Frank Adams Wed Aug 20 13:49:18 1997


On query 022 I requested information on my ADAMS ancestor Z.T. ADAMS. Thanks to a reader of the queries I located Z.T. and his family headed by Wilson ADAMS and his wife Panina Peal ADAMS who settled in Green Grove between 1860 and 1870. I can't find Green Grove on the map, but it was said to be somewher along the present Conway-Faulkner County line (perhaps south of Lewisburg???) I believe Wilson and Panina were buried at a cemetary near Green Grove but I have no clue as to a name of such cemetary. Can anyone assist?


Michelle Fitch Thu Aug 14 09:25:48 1997


Searching for John Ridling and William Bearden


JoAnn Bradford Garrett Wed Aug 13 18:56:31 1997


I would like to find out if there is a listing of all the names of persons buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, located north of Quitman, especially any Grahams. My Greatgrandmother Rachel Graham is buried there. I feel like more of her family or my Greatgranddad's family might be buried there.


Kristen Johnson Ingram Sat Aug 16 18:52:50 1997


I'm looking for information about the family of Robert Steele and Elizabeth Jones Steele, m. about 1855-59, whose daughters were : Alice (married Brownlow Stephens; these were my great-grandparents) and Blanche (married Thomas Moss). Brownlow and Alice died of yellow fever in Conway, Arkansas, in about 1890, leaving Elizabeth, Daisy, Samuel, Sidney, and Alexander.


Wilda Wolford Thur Jul 24 16:53:28 1997


Hello, I am searching for the death date of John Augustus "Gus" YANCY. He was born 1874 and died 1934/1942. He resided in Demascus, Ar., but is said to be buried in Faulkner County at perhaps Martin Cemetery. He was the son of James Wesley YANCY and Mary RIDDLESPURGER.


Howard Martin Mon Jul 7 09:31:55 1997


Good morning, I�m looking for information on these three relatives. Isaac Lewis MARTIN m. Mary SWEET in Faulkner co. 1880-1883, one child Millie Ann MARTIN b. June 4, 1883. Suspect Mary SWEET d. before 1890. Any info you have or where I might find these three will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Howard MARTIN hmartin025@comcast.net


James McPherson Mon Jun 23 22:59:18 1997


Any info re:McPherson's in Faulkner County around 1880 through 1910. My father, James Lester McPherson was born in 1903, 7th child of James Louis and Bernice Hay McPherson.


Barbara Trombino Sun Jun 22 18:12:21 1997


Researching my gr gr grandfather, John L. CAPLE, b 1829 Bedford Co., TN, d 9 Apr 1901, buried at Oakland Cemetery, Holland, FAULKNER Co., AR. Married Mary LaRue and moved from TN to AR at end of Civil War. 8 children: Tennessee Jane (my gr grand- mother), Sarah Elizabeth, Rachael, Samantha, John, Phoebe, Rebecca, and Volla.


Barbara Trombino Sun Jun 22 18:04:43 1997


Researching my gr grandfather, Marcus A. LIVINGSTON, b 20 Dec 1853, d 29 Jul 1890, buried at Stone/Cadron Ridge Cemetery, Conway, Faulkner Co., AR, mar Barbara Ann King, 2 dau Mollie (my grandmother) and Maude.


Barbara Trombino Sun Jun 22 17:59:47 1997


Researching my gr grandfather, John Peerless KING, b poss 1839, d poss 1880, Conway, Faulkner Co., AR, m Priscilla Kuykendall 27 Mar 1862. Children: Eslie, Balus, Barbara (my gr grandmother, and James Daniel. John King served as a Confederate Private from Conway Co., AR in the Civil War.


Barbara Lyon Thu Jun 19 18:11:48 1997


I am trying to locate any records of my grandparents, Emma Castleberry Brown and Milton Brown and their ancestors. My father, Roy Rogers Brown, was born in or around Republic, Arkansas, in July 1916. I know that Milton Brown was quite a bit older than Emma; I believe that she was his 3rd wife. Milton was a Confederate soldier; my grandmother was collecting a Confederate Widow's pension when she died in the spring of 1969. Milton died probably in 1918; my father was 2 years old at the time. There were several other children in addition to Roy -- Sam, Fay, Elva, Ina, and Lena. My father had at least one half-sister that I know of, Donnie (Donice?). Ina is the only surviving child, and I don't think she is in good health. She hasn't responded to my last two letters and seems reluctant to pass along any genealogical information. Roy, my father, died in December of 1949. I know there were many Castleberrys in the area. If anyone can be of any assistance to me, I will be very grateful. WE have my mother's side of the family traced back to the early 1700s, and I would love to have any information about my father's side. I am just beginning to learn about genealogical research, so I need lots of help.


Don Nixon Mon Jun 16 17:55:32 1997


Looking for ancestors of Pernecy Jane Harvey. Her mother's name was Adelia Harvey. Seeking Adelia's husbands name. Pernecy Jane Harvey married Ada Montecello Nixon in Springhill, Arkanas


Kirk Bliss Tue Jun 10 13:49:13 1997


Known brothers of Gilbert Casharago? born 6/2/1806


Eldon Avery Tue Jun 3 23:08:39 1997


Looking for family of Lee Arthur AVRA and Jodie Camilia HARTLEY m.in Faulkner Co. on 28 December 1896. Lee Arthur was born in Georgia and Jodie Camilia was born in Mississippi. Their children were Howard, Fred,Mayme, Ernest, Heber, Jeff Davis, Louella, Feliz, Viola, and Lee. Any and all AVRA families, please respond! Eldon Avery, bahai@comteck.com


Carol Ann Starr-Wilson Tue Jun 3 13:44:59 1997


I would like a copy of the News Article of 1910 death of James Starr who was murdered in his store/blacksmith shop. My Great-Great Grandfather and his son was also killed the same way in 1917, his name was George Calvin Starr. He was the father of my grandfather Arthur Henry Starr.


MELBA ALLEN Fri May 30 12:12:36 1997


Do you know where Susannah MAY DICKENS is buried? She died in 1863 in or near Faulkner Co. AR. Cemeteries books of Faulkner does not have her listed. Therefore, if you have cemetery books, will you look in the surrounding Counties and find her burial place. She was the second wife of Uriah Dickens and mother Dr. Uriah G. Dickens of Conway, AR. Thank you.


Lisa Davison Fri May 30 10:13:02 1997


I am looking for roots of my grandparents Earl Miller Newman, Sr. He was born January 1, 1900 and was married to Irene Beatrice Allen Newman. Both were from Vilonia and buried in the Old Liberty Cemetary in Vilonia. I am not sure of my great-grand parents names. I am just starting my geneology search and would appreciate any help you could give me.


Judy Treloar Thu May 29 16:10:50 1997


I am researching the Qualls & Snow families from Faulkner Co. My husband's great grandfather is Calvin Snow b.10/7/1824. Dora Qualls b 8/30/1879 is daughter of Reuben M. Qualls of Oklahoma. Any information on either family will be greatly appreciated.


Nancy Attey Mon May 26 15:14:19 1997


Looking for information on William [E.] Glenn who had original land entry in Faulkner County in 1821. He had come from IL with his wife Lydia and children: William, Polly m Hobbs, Betsy m Hubble, Rachel m King, Sally m Gorden, Patsy m ?, Thomas and Robert. William died in 1834. thanks, Nancy Attey, NAttey@prodigy.net


Alton Loveless Sun May 25 21:29:10 1997


I am seeking information on the Caswell Tucker family from the Bradley and Bledsoe Counties, Tn. Caswell was born Jan.7,1805 (Stokes co.NC) and died May 14,1865 in Bradley Co.,Tn. He is buried in King Cem.near Cleveland,Tn. His wife was Lucinda Elizabeth Staples, born May 7, 1812 Va.Ten of their 13 children moved to Faulkner co.,Ark. after civil war. Four fought for Union. Childen: William Anderson Tucker, b.3/15/1827 d.07/06/1852; Thomas Henry Tucker .1/15/1829,d.8/27/1896; George Washington Tucker .2/28/1831; Daniel L. Tucker b.8/4/1833, d. /7/1917;Marion Franklin Tucker b. 1/10/1835,d.4/10/1900;John S. Tucker, b.3/28/1839, d. 7/29/1906; Elizabeth Jane Tucker b.2/4/1842, d. 1874; Margarett Azline Tucker b. 4/22/1845; Charles Staples Tucker b.  2/11/1848, d.Feb.1918; Sarah E. Tucker b. 3/22/1852; Philadelphis D. Tucker, 3/3/1856, d.6/6/1858. Some of the children were born in Bradley Co. and some in Bledsoe. Any information from these would be appreciated and I am willing to share any information I have on these and their offspring. Many of the children died in and about Faulkner Co., Arkansas. I Have 25,000 Tucker, Blair, Loveless lines and their allied families in my database.


Linda Spires McPherson Sun May 25 08:36:11 1997


I am researching the Benjamin Franklin SPIRES family who lived in Faulkner and Conway Ctys. AR in the late l800's or early l900's. Benjamin b. abt l870, married to Arka Malone. Children were Valda, Juanita, Lair, Freed and Bendine. A possible marriage to a Laura Dixon in Greenbrier, AR prior to marriage to Arka. Sometime in the early to middle l930's they moved to Little Rock, Pulaski Cty, AR. Any information on the SPIRES, Malone or DIXON family will be very much appreciated. Thanks so much.


Edward Lynn Williams Tue May 20 11:03:02 1997


Researching the Springer families which settled in the Cato community in Faulkner Co., AR. Would be glad to share information with anyone researching Springer or related families. Thomas & William Springer families bur. at Cato.


Delores Eveland Wed May 14 12:17:24 1997


Does anyone have information on a Fulmer Family Reunion that is suppose to take place in early June? I am interested in learning the exact date and location. Thanks.


Sue Airhart Wed May 14 18:19:31 1997


Burr-Herndon, FAULKNER CO/CONWAY. I was told about a Burr family who resided in Conway many years ago, namely Ruth Herndon Burr and Husband, his name not given. If anyone has any knowledge of these two surnames, please reply. Thanks for any help. Sue Airhart in Miss.


Sheila Creed Tue May 13 19:28:42 1997


Looking for info on Atlanta Crow born 1860 daughter of Jonathan Crow and Nancy Foster,she married George W Ashe born7-14-1856 died 8-8-1927he is buried in the Macedonia Cem. outside of Conway.Need children,when and where Atlanta died.


Melba ALLEN Tue May 13 09:01:39 1997


Do you have knowledge on the HENDERSON'S of Faulkner Co. AR? If so, I would like to exchange information with you. I am searching for Thomas Henderson's father. He was born about 1811, either AL. or TN. His son, Thomas was a Methodist Circuit Minister. Thomas Henderson Jr. daughter, Hattie married Walter May, son of Joe May. These Henderson's are buried in Henderson Cemetery in Faulkner Co. and have lots of descendants in Greenbrier and surronding area. Are you one of them. Would like to correspond if you are!! Thanks.


Melba ALLEN Tue May 13 08:28:25 1997


Researching the surname of May/Mays of Faulkner Co. Joseph May and his brother Gray "Doc" May came to Faulkner Co. about 1873, as Joe married Mary DRAKE in 1874. Other relatives in the area were Uriah DICKENS an Uncle, Joel LANE, an uncle and numerous other relatives. I would like to correspond with any one who has knowledge on any of these families. I am putting together a small family book for my grand daughter, SAVANNA MAY. Thanks.


Quillen Whaley Mon May 12 18:07:00 1997


I am looking for info about JESSIE MONRO WHALEY born approx 1880's in Faulkner Cty. He also had children: CLARENCE C. WHALEY, DOLLY WHALEY, MAUDE WHALEY, MIRLON WHALEY, ROSIE WHALEY, and OMA WHALEY. He had married a MARY ALLINE MILLER approx. 1910. Any help will be greatly appreciated as i am at dead end. Thanks.Q.Whaley


Doris Cook Dodson Mon May 12 16:01:27 1997


Looking for any info on Luther Spratt Weatherford Dob May 14 or 21 1865 or 1867 Monroe Alabama. We believe he was on the 1880 census Faulkner co. with Lou Weatherford Fem. (poss his step-mother.) Patrick 8 yrs, Walter 1 yr and Luther 12 yrs old. also info from Bobbie McClain has him on the tax list Faulkner co 1889. Also looking for Sally Josephine Rhodes Rhoads. born 12/11/1869 Miss. Poss father Felix Rhodes. I think Luther and Sally (known as Josie) poss were married in Faulkner co appx 1890 as they have a Son Elehu Porter Weatherford born in Logan co Ar 1 June 1892. Any info would be greatly appreciated.Doris auntydo@aol.com


Adana Buttrum Fri May 9 14:17:52 1997


Looking for information about these names and counties: Harris, Pulaski Co. and Nevada Co.; BETTIS, Pulaski Co., Cleburne Co. and Faulkner Co.; Swindell, Nevada Co.; and SPARKMAN, Cleburne Co. and Faulkner Co. These are the last names of my grandparents and their related counties. I am just getting started and would like any information about great granparents and farther back.


Steve Dyke Thu May 3 20:05:44 1997


William CHROUCH/CROUCH, b. August 1845, NY, married to Ida CARTER(?), b.March 1858, NY. Lived in Faulkner Co., AR in 1880; both are buried at Round Mountain Cemetary. Looking for more info - parents of these two.


Frank ADAMS Wed May 21 17:55:19 1997


Looking for Zecharia T. "Shorty" ADAMS who lived in FAULKNER County, near Mayflower, from about 1865-66 to 1899. He is mentioned in a book "Pine Mountain Americans" authored by Ruf Hayden, published by Hobson Press in 1949. ADAMS, Z.T. or Zechariah Taylor ADAMS, born 10/01/1849 and died in Faulkner County, Arkansas 11/30/1899. Nicknamed "Shorty" according to author Ruf Haydan in "Pine Mountain Americans" published by Hobson Press 1949. Possibly born in Bedford County, Tennessee.


Marie Harvey Wed Apr 16 16:33:38 1997


Need any info on parents and/or siblings of Jessie Latture,#1 wife of William Perce Harvey,b.1876,s/o Rev.Henry Franklin Harvey,White County. Need any info on any Lattures of Lonoke, White or Faulkner Counties. Believe Jessie was neice of either James L., John, or Samuel H.Latture.


Rhoda Dearman Tue Apr 15 14:05:02 1997


I am looking for any information on Joseph Edwin ADAMS born about 1866 in Conway Arkasas. He moved to Texas as a young man. Would appreciate any help on his family.


Freddie Worthington/SMALL> Sat Apr 12 14:40:37 1997


ROBERT WORTHINGTON Death about 1876 JAMES HENRY WORTHINGTON Moved here about 1874. Any information will be appreciated Thanks


Suzie Patton Fri Apr 11 15:29:34 1997


Lando Thomas PATTON was my husband's grgrandfather. His first wife, Classie (Classic) O. LANGSTON was the father of James Levi PATTON. James Levi PATTON married Elsie Rebecca BATSON and they lived their entire married lives at Wooster. We know that Lando Thomas came to Faulkner Co. from around Plummerville, but we do not know how to find out what county Plummerville is in. We also know that Lando Thomas was born in Alabama between Jasper and Tuscaloosa on the Warrior River. We will be happy to share any information we have on descendents of this line. We would like to know about the LANGSTON line.Mrs James Paul Patton.


Bill Hartwick Sun Apr 6 17:49:35 1997


Would like to know any info on the ancestors of ( B. H.) Bradford Henry Hartwick, Sherman Waco Hartwick, Jacob Brad Hartwick, Lynn Hartwick to the best of my knowledge they resided in the counties of Faulkner, Lonoke, Pulaski,Conway


Sandra Thompson Eskew Fri Apr 4 06:08:38 1997


William Anthony THOMPSON b. Mar. 6, 1887 Monroe Co., AR. d. June 16, 1958 ? m. Letha Adeline CHAMBERS on Sept. 17, 1905 in Faulkner Co., AR. Children: Ollie, Elbert, Hiram, Dee, Arliss THOMPSON This is a brother to my g. grandfather, George David THOMPSON Son's of Marmaduke Anthony THOMPSON (b. Aug. 15, 1846 - Guilford Co., NC) and Nancy "Annie" ______-PETTEJOHN/THOMPSON (b. Jan. 15, 1846 Gorden Co., GA.)


Don A. Gibson Fri Mar 28 21:08:01 1997


'm looking for information on the families of Phillip Howell and Emily K. Reynolds: Also A.D. Gibson and Mary Howell. These two famalies moved to Conway Co. between 1850 and 1860. their children continued to live in Faulkner Co. until the 1920 Ar. Census. I am looking for the Descendents of Alexander Gibson and his wife Jennie;sons John, Floyd, Raben; daughters Lois,Merlet Lula. James Gibson and his wife Amanda Spencer. Sons Robert L, John W.; daughter Mary E. Robert married Dessie L. ???, The Howells stayed in Faulkner Co. also and continued to live in the same twp. J.G.,D.A. are Phillips sons and stay in Faulkner Co. also. All of thes people or their descendents are here from 1860 and including the 1920 Ar.Census.


Carole Castleberry Fri Mar 14 20:38:47 1997


I have located the parents of Sanford Vandiver CASTLEBERRY. In fact, I have his line traced back to Heinrich Kesselberg who came to PA from Germany about 1683. Now I would like to hear from descendents of Sanford'S children: Amanda Jane, b. 1865, AR m. Walter BOWEN; Thomas Henry b. 14 Jun 1867 Conway Co, AR m. Phoebe Caroline Owens; Forria A. b. 1869 AR m. George Bailey; James Paul, b. 11 Apr 1871 AR m. Mattie L; Drucilla, b. 1873 AR; Lucinda, b. 1876 Faulkner Co, AR; and Roxie b. 1878 Faulkner Co, AR.


Danny Cude Wed Feb 12 09:04:50 1997


I need to know sale or transfer information for property address 504 Second ST, Conway. I believe that the property was first owned by the HIEGEL family and that the current home was built by Michael M. Hiegel in the 1910's or 1920's.


Sylvia T. Jetton Wed Mar 5 09:33:07 1997


I am looking for descendents of Alice Harrison, b. July 1884 in Faulkner Co. near Conway & who married George(?) Green(e). She was daughter of Nancy (Nannie) Caroline Roberts and Ben L. Harrison who moved to that area from Gibson Co. TN in 1881. Any information appreciated.


Thomas M. Garrison, Jr. Sun Mar 2 10:07:28 1997


I am seeking any information on my grandfather's first wife. Her name was Josie Bailey. Probably born in the early 1880s in Arkansas. My grandfather was James William Garrison (b. Sept. 3, 1881, White Co., AR.,d. June 1962, CA.). They would have married around 1903-04. They had one daughter, Pearl Blanche Garrison (b. April 5, 1905, AR., d. April 1922, Cabot, AR.). Josie Bailey died when Pearl was a toddler (1905-08). James William Garrison remarried in 1909 to Leona Laforce of Cato, Faulkner Co., AR. After Josie Bailey died, James and Pearl went to live with Aunt Rachel Elizabeth and Charles C. Alderson, uncle, in Cabot. My Garrison family lived in Cabot from 1878-1926.


Billy Cox Sat Mar 1 21:24:36 1997


Would like to hear from anyone researching the name DAULEY, especially JAMES S. DAULEY. They were in Conway County in the middle 1800's. FLORENCE LEE DAULEY was Jame's daughter and she married a GEORGE THOMAS WALKER in Faulkner County. Thanks


Wayne White Wed Feb 12 01:40:14 1997


My Great-Grandfather ANDREW JACKSON FORTNER, Born 1844-47 in KY, Died 1921 in Mt. Vernon, AR. His first Wife was my Great-Grandmother; Harriet Evaline JACKSON, his second Wife was Leona Hodges, his third Wife was Mrs. Susie Hubanks Houston. His frist Son was my Granddad, John Horton Fortner. I would like to have any info on his Family and especially his Parents Names.


Charlotte West Wed Feb 12 08:41:36 1997


I am searching for descendents of John P "Hazard" BENNETT. He moved into the Vilonia area of Faulkner Co from Conway Co. prior to 1900. He was married to G. Matilda Talley abt 1877. I believe he is buried in the Oakland Cemetary at Holland. I have the following children listed. William T., Roxy E., Magie, Jela (?) Lee, Claudie. Lou ?, and Walter G. I'm interested in corresponding with anyone working on this BENNETT family.


Wayne Hill Fri Jan 31 10:41:35 1997


Looking for info on the following: William ALLEN who came to Saline in the early 1840's from GA. He was an active Mason. His dau Cynthia ALLEN married Hiram GLENN of Greenbrier, AR in 1859. Hiram's widowed father Samuel GLENN (also of Faulkner Co) and also from GA married Julia ALLEN in Saline 1859. Am looking for the connection of this Julia to the Allens. In 1850 she was Julia FUQUA of St. Francis Co. Am curious as to what happened to husband Perry FUQUA. Was ALLEN her maiden name or had she remarried? She lived in Faulkner Co as Julia GLENN until her death in 1902. Any help would be much appreciated!


Peggy Logan Mon Jan 27 22:33:02 1997


My Faulkner County families are STARR and REECE. My ancestor George W. Starr was in Faulkner (then Conway) Co. by 1850. He was b. ca 1806 and still living in 1860 census, when he was in Van Buren Co. His son James Starr was b.in TN in 1829. He died in 1910 and is buried in the Siloam Cemetery near Enola by his first wife Geline/Julina Battenfield Starr. They were my gggparents. Geline's family lived in Pope Co., AR. James' sister, Malinda, md. Zachariah Reece. I would greatly appreciate any information on my family. Would be happy to exchange. Thank you very much.


Beverly Collins Mon Jan 27 10:18:28 1997


Seeking info about BENEDICT family who lived in Faulkner Co. RUSSELL BENEDICT and wife, SINIA BURRIS. Children included: MARISSA BENEDICT, who married JOHN BYRAM. They had one child, SINIA BYRAM. JOHN BYRAM was killed in Civil War. MARISSA BENEDICT BYRAM when SINIA was about three weeks old and the baby was raised by the BENEDICT grandparents. RUSSELL BENEDICT moved to Texas when he was an old man, and I found in in Knox Co, TX 1900 census with son, WILLIAM BENEDICT and family.


DAVID PHILLIPS Tue Jan 21 20:44:11 1997


Look for information on NATHAN PHILLIPS who own some land in Drew & Faulkner Co.in 1860 Need to know if his wife was VILET and his sons were:CHRISTOPHER E., JESSE J.,FLEMING, WILLIAM,AND duaghter CEBERN. This fammily came from HICKMAN CO. KENTUCKY This could be the NATHAN PHILLIPS I need.


R.W. Wilkie Wed Jan 15 12:08:27 1997


Looking for Cherokee Indian lady Eliza Glenn married in Conway AR 2/20/1868 to Robert S. Townsend. Her fathers name was reported to be James Glenn. She was born in Georgia in 1849.


Donna Manley Wed Jan 8 05:36:30 1997


Looking for any information about MAINARD or MAYNARD families and BRADY families back when Faulkner county was formed. Secondary interests are FRY, BRYANT, PADGETT.


Nancy Fisher Wed Nov 27 09:31:35 1996


Request any information on any TERRY's in the area of Pulaski, White, Lonoke, Faulkner, Prairie counties during the 1850's thru 1900. My grandfather, Thomas Doil Terry, was born in Austin, AR in 1886. His father was also Thomas Terry and died before Thomas Doil was born. Can find no information on death of Thomas Terry. Thomas Doil's mother was Eliza Heslip. This name may be spelled Hyslip. She married Robert Griffin around 1890 and they continued to live in Lonoke county. Will gladly swap info on Thomas Doil and his descendants.

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