Research Assistance

The following was provided by Ms. Clarisse Floyd as an overview of the materials that are available for Faulkner County researchers.

"We have a very small collection of genealogical documents and books. We have the Log Cabin Democrat newspapers on microfilm. To go along with that, the (Faulkner County Genealogy) Society maintains a card catalog of deaths in the county. If there was a write-up in the Cabin, it is noted on the card. The card also states the cemetery, sometimes the plot number {which helps when spouses and children are buried next to one another}, and documents names on double headstones. With these cards, if applicable, you can in turn look up the obituary write-up to determine next of kin, pallbearers, church affiliation, etc... We also have a cemetery index book for all of Faulkner County. We also have reference books for Civil War soldiers. We have a wonderful book with articles written about the oldest of settlers in the county; they mention siblings, marriages, etc. We have many self-published family histories that read like family Bibles. Recently, a marriage book was added to the collection for the 1900's. there might be some late 1800's listed. We have a few other county cemetery books and histories. There are also state Census records on microfilm. I don't believe we have any indexes yet. Some of the Family Tree Maker cd's are available to us, but they are only as thorough as the amount of contributions made to the project at the time of compilation."

Resources Available in Faulkner County:
Arkansas Death Records (1914-1940);
Log Cabin Democrat newspaper on microfilm (obituary look-ups/1930 to present--must have precise dates, not indexed) ;
Faulkner County cemetery look-ups Faulkner County early settler look-ups Faulkner County community histories;
Indexed Faulkner County marriages (1873-1960);
Uncertified copies of marriage licenses;
1890 Faulkner County personal property tax list Index of wills and probate records for Arkansas (early years);
Index of Faulkner County homesteaders;
Surnames in Arkansas census indexes (1820-1870);
Ancestor look-ups in 1880/1900/1910/1920;
Arkansas census (no indexes);
Faulkner County township maps/formation histories; and
Local surnames in phone directory
(Courthouse research is not available at this time.)

Cemetery Survey

The additions and corrections to the cemetery survey of Faulkner County, AR, should be addressed to the local genealogical organization:

Ancestors Unknown
Faulkner County Library
1900 Tyler Street
Conway, AR 72032

Volunteer workers from this group staff the genealogy area of the library. They will add the information to a supplement book established for this purpose.  (Future plans for a corrected book are not available at this time.)


 There is only one newspaper that covers the entire county.

Log Cabin Democrat
1058 Front Street
Conway, AR 72032

All letters to the Log Cabin Democrat are to addressed as "Letter to the Editor". The Log Cabin Democrat requires that all letters be signed and a return address be supplied. Queries or comments are to be clear and consise. The Faulkner County Library has the Log Cabin Democrat on microfilm. It is a great resource for obituaries to back-up cemetery entries when clarity is needed. The paper is very sketchy from 1898-1910. It is not until the late 30's that death notices were given proper billing. Up until that time, deaths were mentioned if related to suicide, murder, or some other catastrophe. The University of Central Arkansas (UCA) has a more complete microfilm library for this paper, and has copies of the Arkansas Gazette, and the Arkansas Democrat. About ten years ago, the two papers consolidated.  

Reference Books

Below are two reference books that contain Faulkner County genealogical information that may be available at your local library.

Faulkner County Reference Books

by Goodspeed Publishing Company

by Dorothy Payne

If you have any information that might benefit Faulkner County researchers, and if you are willing to share that information, please contact me.