Log Cabin Democrat

Centennial Edition

History of Faulkner County Towns and Townships

From the LCD Centennial Edition 1873-1973:


"A side trip west along a river road of perhaps nine miles from Mayflower brings one to the Lollie community. This was the plantation store, farming and school center of J.E. Little, named in 1881 for his wife, Lollie Trundle Little.

This vast plantation was at first only a small farm with 150 acres of cleared land, surrounded by a vast swamp formed in the low lands of Tupelo Bayou. By the use of tenant farmers who exchanged their labor in clearing additional land for the privilege of rent free acreage, the Little Farm acreage was increased to nearly 4,000 acres of very productive river and bayou bottoms.

Dew Drop School was formed here in the bottoms. Postal service was provided Dec. 4, 1889, at Lollie with John E. Little as postmaster. This office was closed Aug. 31, 1911.

The Little crossroads store provided for 60 farm families. Although the store still stands, it is not plantation owned. There were originally here the many appurtenances necessary to make the plantation self-sustaining. Gins, a grist mill, a shingle mill and the school had been erected and were owned by J.E. Little.

Today the need no longer exists, since the land has been divided into small tracts and the demand for this declined, as has the number of acres in actual farm production."

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