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Dean Chase and His Descendants

Terry G. Peden

Fulton County Cemetery Book

Liz Neal has offered to do lookups from this reference which was published in 1999 by the Fulton County Extension Homemakers.

Fulton County Chronicles

Carla Blanton has volunteered to do lookups in her collection of a publication of the Fulton County Historical Society.  Carla's mailing address is: Carla Hall Blanton, HC 63 Box 40, Salem, AR 72576.  Carla has the following editions:

v  Vol-1 #1--Winter 1982

Contents: Formation of FCHS(Fulton County Historical Society), Membership Info, Then & Now in Fulton Co (brief history), short articles on Vester Williams and George Thomas Cunningham, and brief early histories on Salem, Viola and Mammoth Springs.

v  Vol-1 #2 -- Summer 1983

Contents: A Medley of Mammoth Spring History, a short article on Benjamin Franklin "Ben" Elder (born 1 Feb 1857), Newspapers published in Mammoth Spring since 1888, an article on the People's Bank of Mammoth Spring (est. 27 Dec 1920), an article on Earl Edward Sterling (1889-1974), Viola History, Ott (place), Vidette (place).

v  Vol-2 #2 -- Spring 1984

Contents: History of Camp (place), an article about the Flora Community, the Foster families of Fulton Co, the Sutton/Eubanks-Hannah/Mewhinney families, Zacharie "Zack" Taylor Carroll family, the Roper family, Eagle community, the Friendship Church, the Nettleton Hotel in Mammoth Spring, Professor James Henry Caldwell, Postmasters of Wild Cherry.

v  Vol 3 # 2 Fall 1988

Contains article on: history of Mt. Calm Township, Wheeling, Wild Cherry, Moko, Elizabeth (place), Bexar Methodist Church, Bexar Cemetery listings, Sexton cemetery listings, the Pickren family, Ten Mile, AR.

v  Vol 4 #1 Spring 1988

Contains articles on: One Room School Houses in Fulton Co (Big Creek, Welcome Hill, Pine Hill, State Line, Liberty Hill, Fairview, Oak Grove, Mt. Calm, County Line), Harry Pickren Home, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Mammoth Spring, Rebecca Ann Stewart Cunningham (born 19 Oct 1842), Roby Blue.

v  Vol 4 #2 Fall 1988

Contains articles on: more one room schools (Vidette, Pickren Hall, Byron-Mt. Grove, Pleasant Ridge, Waco, Gum Springs, Lone Oak, Staten, Hickory Grove, Branaugh, Wisdom Hill), Basshams in Fulton Co, "Uncle" Noah Waters, the Joseph L. Short home, the Pope family.

v  Vol 5 # 1 Spring 1990

Contains articles on: still more one room schools (Blad Knob, Dewey, Mountain View, Gray, South Fork, Burk's Chapel, Pinhook/Oakridge, Shady Grove, Liberty, Valley View, Flora), the Ross family reunion, the Martin Cousins reunion. part 2 of 3 on the Basshams in Fulton Co, Duffel cemetery listings, Viola High School class of 1940.

v  Vol 5 #2 Fall 1990

Contains articles on: more one room schools (Pleasant View, Rader, Lone Rock, Elizabeth, Glade, Pine Hill, Independence, Bexar), and the "Old Camp Meeting".

v  Vol 6 #1 Spring 1991

Contains articles on: one room schools (Pleasant Valley/Greasy, Glasgow, Mt. Pleasant, Fairview, Union, Liberty Hill, Heart), Sallie Elizabeth Bray Scott (born 2 Nov 1885), Fulton Co. Singing Schools, part 3 of 3 on the Basshams of Fulton Co, Fulton Co. Postmasters 1832-1971.

v  Vol 6 #2 Fall 1991

Contains articles on: one room schools (Agnos, Flat Branch, Pleasant Grove, Union, Armstrong, Mud Springs, Sturkie, Center Point, Union Ridge, Lone Pine, Wild Cherry), Ross family, Isenhower Cemetery listings.

v  Vol 7 #1 Spring 1992

Contains articles on: one room schools (Field Creek, Moten, Morriston, St. Joe, Pleasant Valley, Flint Hill, Cross Roads, Bethel, Cedar Park, Dewey), Red Barn community, Sturkie community.

v  Vol 7 #2 Fall 1992

Contains articles on: more one room schools (Golden Star, Shiloh, Brown's Chapel School, Big Rock, Baker School, Roxie & Spring Valley, Mineral Hill, Shady Ridge/Pleasant, Camp, Watkins' Pond, Hickory Grove, Shenandoah, Morning Star), the County Board of Education

v  Vol 8 #2 Fall 1993

Contains articles on: this edition is all about the Viola School from 1865 to 1993.






The following books may be found in your local library or genealogical society archives.
If you know of any books that contain Fulton County, Arkansas, data, please send me the Title and Author,
so they can be posted to the list for others’ research.





Stephen J. Chism


Dorothy Payne


Nancy Kinard of the Arphax Publishing Company sent the following link regarding a book they have published.  It is a great tool!  It maps the county by congressional townships listing all the original land patents issues as indexed on the Federal Land Patent Site.  For information about the book, click here.

Sample Map Page on pages 7 and 8 of this .pdf file you can see an actual map for Leake County Mississippi (this will show you the time span and great cluster research tool that these maps are).  You will notice on the map on page 7 of this .pdf file there are 206 parcels of land mapped with 158 patents covering 104 individuals spanning form 6/1-18/1938 to 6/30/1919.  This map is for only one township in the county.

There are 20 Congressional townships in the Fulton County book so there would be 20 patent maps in the book.  On pages 9-12 you can see the corresponding roadways, waterway map other listings such as cemeteries and cities.

If you are looking for maps of other counties in Arkansas and other states, click here.


Goodspeed Publishing Company


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