Mammoth Spring, Fulton County, Arkansas Newspapers

I have researched many times at the Arkansas State Archives in Little Rock.  Two years ago I took a two day research trip looking for some specific family events in the Mammoth Spring Democrat Newspaper.  The Arkansas Archives has many rolls of microfilm with this paper’s history on file.  I was unable to copy all that was there and want to let you know that this is an excellent resource for researching Fulton County.  This newspaper went by several names throughout the years, such as The Democrat, The Daily Democrat, The Mammoth Spring Democrat and The Fulton County Democrat. 

The Archives have many microfilm readers available and all of them make copies.  You must purchase a card for a dollar from the machine in their office and then load money on to the card for the microfilm readers to use.  Each copy costs $.25 and is deducted from the card.  I spent two days there and spent $27.00 copying the items you see on this website.  I did not get to even dent the information that was available to me with these microfilms. 

The years below aren’t all the information that is available and is only from the pages that I copied.  If you go to Little Rock to research I would suggest that you take dollar bills for your card.  Be sure to write your name on the card in case you leave it in the machine by mistake.  The Archive personnel will collect those forgotten cards and hold them till they are claimed. 

I hope these pages help some of our readers.  I’ll be happy to include more information if you will send it to me.

Ruth Ann Davis
Fulton County Coordinator

Democrat 1921                                           Democrat 1925                                           Democrat 1930                                           Democrat 1941

Democrat 1922                                           Democrat 1926                                           Democrat 1931                                           Democrat 1942

Democrat 1923                                           Democrat 1928                                           Democrat 1932                                           Democrat 1943

Democrat 1924                                           Democrat 1929                                           Democrat 1933                                           Democrat 1945


Updated 16 Feb 2015