Graves of Confederate Veterans in Grant County Cemeteries

This list was compiled from cemetery records published by the Grant County Extension Homemakers Council and from military markers. 
This list may be used for non-commercial use only. 
Following the military unit's name, (if known)  is the cemetery name.

Adams, W. D., 2nd Arkansas Infantry (Lost Creek)

Allen, George W., (Sheridan)

Appling, E. F., llth Arkansas Infantry (Clements)

Ashcraft, E. T., Company E, 27th Mississippi Infantry (Philadelphia)

Atchley, C., Arkansas Infantry (Leola)

Avery, G. A., Company E, 4th South Carolina (Lost Creek)

Barnes, William R., 2nd Arkansas Infantry (New Hope)

Blake, Noah B., 9th Arkansas Infantry (Sheridan)

Breazeal, William H., llth Arkansas Infantry (Lost Creek)

Bright, J. M., 2nd Arkansas Infantry (Lost Creek)

Burton, William W., Company A, llth Arkansas Infantry (Jones-Palestine)

Caldwell, R. N., Company H, Ist Arkansas Cavalry (Lindsey)

Campbell, Matthew S., 2nd Mississippi Infantry (Pine Ridge)

Carder, George, 15th Arkansas Military Infantry (Corinth)

Carr, John P., 2nd Tennessee Cavalry (New Hope)

Carr, Thomas A., Company F, Ilth Arkansas Infantry (New Hope)

Collins, Albert D., 5th Florida Cavalry (Providence)

Crowson, James F., (Tull-Ebeneezer)

Deer, E. B., 2nd Arkansas Cavalry (Brush Creek)

Duncan, T. J., 2nd Arkansas Infantry (Orion)

Earle, George Wyatt, Company H, Mississippi Infantry (Philadelphia)

Garner, A. A., 2nd Arkansas Infantry (Davis)

Gowan, Harrison H., 43rd Tennessee Infantry (Bethel)

Hall, Silas A., 18th Arkansas Infantry (Leola)

Henslie, J. C., Company F, 8th Arkansas Infantry (Shiloh)

Henson, Richard H., Company 1, 13th Arkansas Infantry (Philadelphia)

Hicks, Elijah M., llth Arkansas Infantry (New Hope)

Hill, George, 4th Arkansas Infantry (Lost Creek)

Holbert, Joshua, Hawthorn's Arkansas Infantry (Philadelphia)

Hope, A. W., Company D, Cocke's Arkansas Infantry (Philadelphia)

Jackson, James L., 18th Arkansas Infantry (Jackson)

Jacobs, W. R., (Tull-Ebeneezer)

Jones, Calvin A., Company G, 5th Alabama Infantry (Jones-Palestine)

Jones, James M., 26th Arkansas Infantry (New Hope)

Jordan, Charles B., 43rd Infantry (Jones-Jordan)

Kemp, L. H., (Philadelphia)

Kemp, Leroy S., Ilth Arkansas Infantry (Providence)

Koon, James D., 15th South Carolina Infantry (Sheridan)

Lee, David C., Company C, 3rd Arkansas Cavalry (Philadelphia)

Lites, Sgt. John J., 9th Arkansas Infantry (Pine Ridge)

Lockhart, James W., Company D, lith Arkansas Infantry (Philadelphia)

Lokey, John A., 25th Arkansas Infantry (Sheridan)

Lowman, A. R., Crawford's Arkansas Infantry (Pine Ridge)

Manuel, B. M., Company B, lith Arkansas Infantry (Philadelphia)

Mayfield, Levi H., lith Arkansas Infantry (Lost Creek)

Metcalf, Huston, Company E, 2nd Arkansas Cavalry (Shiloh)

Miller, 2nd Lieut. John W., (Taylor)

Mooney, W. J., 20th Mississippi Infantry (Jacobs)

McClung, Benj. H., Company 1, Wright's Arkansas Cavalry (Shiloh)

McClung, James A., Company A, 3rd Arkansas Cavalry (Shiloh)

McCool, Y. B., Ilth Arkansas Infantry (Lost Creek)

Nall, Nathan, Poe's Arkansas Cavalry (Lost Creek)

Palmer, W. C., Company B, llth Arkansas Infantry (Jones-Palestine)

Paxton, Joseph W., Company K, 2nd Arkansas Infantry (Philadelphia)

Porter, Joel Turner,  Logan's Brigade, and 11th Arkansas Cavalry (Hardin)

Pumphrey, F. M., Company F, Ilth Arkansas Infantry (Philadelphia)

Pumphrey, Jessie L., Company F, Ilth Arkansas Cavalry (Philadelphia)

Ramick, Corp. John S., 9th Arkansas Infantry (Springhill)

Reynolds, A. J., 37th Arkansas Infantry (Graves-Concord)

Rhodes, James T., 6th Arkansas (Taylor)

Rhodes, Thomas B., 26th Arkansas Infantry (Brush Creek)

Rodgers, R. M., 26th Arkansas Infantry (Sheridan)

Sawyer, E., Company F, Ilth Arkansas Infantry (Shiloh)

Shaw, Dr. J. B., (Sheridan)

Shearer, William, 2nd Arkansas Cavalry (Sheridan)

Shepherd, Capt. Jasper, lith Arkansas Infantry (Lost Creek)

Shepherd, Lieut. Michael N., llth Arkansas (Lost Creek)

Smith, 2nd Lieut. W. Franklin, 24th Georgia Infantry (Tull-Ebeneezer)

Stallings, J. N., (Tull-Ebeneezer)

Stuckey, William, llth Arkansas Infantry (Sheridan)

Threet, James M., 1842-1918 (Philadelphia)

Traylor, Winfield S., 5th South Carolina Infantry (New Hope)

Tull, L. H., llth Arkansas Infantry (Marvin's Chapel)

Walker, Ransom, Arkansas Cavalry (New Hope)

Wallace, William J.  1814-1886 Company C of the 4th Mississippi Rg.  (Camp Creek)

Whitten, Lieut. David, Company B, 8th Arkansas Infantry (Philadelphia)

Williams, Sgt. Joseph A., 41st Alabama Infantry (Corinth)

Wilson, B. B., lst Arkansas Cavalry (Wilson)

Wilson, D. J., 53rd Alabama Partisan Rangers (New Hope)

Worthen, Hardy M., llth Arkansas Infantry (Lost Creek)

Wright, J. T., 4th Arkansas Infantry (Corinth)

The grave of a Union soldier is in the Jones-Jordan Cemetery. 
The tombstone reads:
Corporal Andrew J. Jones, Company F, 12th Illinois Cavalry. 

The grave of a Union soldier is also found in Orion Cemetery. 
The tombstone reads: Robert M. Tuck, Company E, 2nd Missouri Light Artillery. 

In Fenter Cemetery is William R. Gatlin, whose non-military marker
states that he served with the 4th Arkansas Cavalry.