Greene County, Arkansas

Bio Of B. A. Johnson

  Colonel Benjamin A. Johnson, who lives at Crowley in this county, was a native of the state of Tennessee and his first wife was Sarah E. Fielder, of Hickman county, of that state. The writer married married a younger sister of Mrs. Johnson, she being Miss R. L. Fielder. Another sister was married to John C. Treadway, and was the mother of Thomas, William and Ed Treadway, of Paragould, and of Mrs. McFall, of near Camp Ground and the other sister of Tennessee Fielder, was married to Rev. E. H. Bratton, and she was the mother of Mrs. Sallie Mangrum, William, Thomas and Manda Bratton. These ladies were sisters of Thomas and Polk Fielder. Colonel Johnson enlisted in the Confederate army in Missouri and was made Lieut. Col. in Reeve's Regiment of Missouri Calvary, a most daring and indomitable body of soldiers. They made their mark where they went and victory perched upon their arms on many a bloody field. At the close of the war Col. Johnson came to Pollard, now in Clay county, but which was then in Greene County.  In 1869 he came down to the Dr. Croft farm and soon afterward bought and moved onto the old Ed Bratton homestead, where he lived for several years and then purchased the Mart Gramling place and moved to t and resides there at the present time.

 Col. Johnson is strong and active for one of his age ansd is now living with his third wife. He is a consistent member of the Baptist Church, a great student of current news and takes a lively interest in political affairs, being an old time Jeffersonian Democrat. He appears satisfied to spend the rest of his days  on Sugar Creek, surrounded by his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, drinking the finest water in the water in the world, eating big red apples and smoking home made tobacco.

(From History of Greene County, by H. B. Crowley as published in 1906 in the Paragould Soliphone. The Greene County Historical Quarterly, Vol 3. No 3, Summer 1967.)

Transcribed by Sandy Hardin 2003