Greene County, Arkansas

Found in the Poinsett County, Arkansas History and Families Book
January 8, 2001 - page 457


Wild game, scarcely touched by man, and untouched by man's game laws, abounded in this area when a 12 year old boy rode horseback into what is now the vicinity of Lepanto with his father back in 1891. That memorable 60 mile horseback ride form Greene County near Paragould
and the plentifulness of the wild game is vividly recalled by Will Tom, now 76, living on George Carpenter's farm near Riverdale Floodway. "Wasn't anything for my father to shoot a bear, panther, wild turkeys, ducks, raccoons. If you were hungry for meat, you just went out and killed
an animal. I never cared for fishing very much, but it was here. And when I got older, I hauled a many a buck-wagon of fish, catfish, drum, buffalo to Memphis for sale."

As for the horseback ride, the wiry little man remembered that he and his father, Louis Maynard, rode a good whole day. "My father told me to get off the horse for a rest when he hit Marked Tree, and we stopped at his friend's house, Jeff Grayson, who now lives in Memphis and must be about 99. After we rested a spell, we struck out for Lepanto." He married Lily Huddleston.

From Lepanto News Record 1955

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