Greene County, Arkansas

1830 Census

The Louisiana Purchase in 1803 brought (what is now) Arkansas into the United States. The area was thrown open for settlement at that time.

The area was part of the Missouri Territory in 1812, and became Arkansas Territory in 1819 when Missouri applied for statehood. The area encompassed what is now Oklahoma. On June 15, 1836, Arkansas became the twenty-fifth state in the union.

Some very early records, 1803-1836, may be found in Louisiana, Missouri and Oklahoma collections.

Greene Co. was formed in 1833 from part of Lawrence County. Clay County, in 1873, and Craighead County, in 1859, Poinsett County, in 1838 were formed partly from sections of Greene County.

By the Legislative Act of Missouri Territory, January 15, 1815, Lawrence County was formed from New Madrid Co., Missouri. Arkansas County was the first county and Lawrence County was the second county formed in what is now called the state of Arkansas. From Lawrence County thirty-one other counties was formed. Thus called "Mother of Counties". Lawrence county was named for Captain James Lawrence, a naval commander who was killed in the War of 1812.

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