Greene County Arkansas

1880 Federal Census


Schedule I--Free Inhabitants in Clark Township  In the County of Greene State of Arkansas

Enumerated by me, on the 28th day of June 1880

Enumeration Dist. #103                                                   Jno B. Boykin, Ass't. Marshal



Col=Color;M=Mulatto; B=Black; *Age=prior to June 1,1880; *M=born in census year ;

Rel=Relationship to head of household; srv=servant; w=wife; si=sister; bro=brother; si/lw=sister inlaw; fa/lw=father inlaw; br/lw=brother inlaw; 

h/s or h/b=half sister/brother; ni=niece; cou=cousin; hir=Hireling

MS=Marital Status; m=married; s=single; wd=widow/widower; d=divorced; Mar=Married in census year;

Occ=Occupation: (F=Farmer; FL=Farm Laborer/Worker; KH=Keeping House; HK=House Keeper; hse/f.hand=house & fieldhand; 

asst/in hse=assisting in house; gen/work=general work 

UE=Months Unemployed;  

HC=Handicap; Cons=Consumption; Drpsy=Dropsy; /*=Maimed, Crippled, Bedridden, or otherwise disabled

          Sch= Attended School in the Year;  R~W=Cannot Read or Write;  B=Place of Birth; Fa=Father Place of Birth; Mo=Mother Place of Birth


298A . Clark Township  28 June 1880 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. Fam# Surname Name Col Sex *Age *M Rel MS Mar Occ UE HC Sch R W B Fa Mo
1 342/345 Johnson Wilson R. w m 48     m   F           IL   O? IL
2     Jane w f 35   w m   KH           AR TN IL
3     James w m 21   son s   farmhand           AR TN IL
4     Lee w m 14   son     farmhand           AR TN IL
5     Sarah w f 12   dtr                 AR TN IL
6     Jennie w f 7   dtr                 AR TN IL
7 343/346 Pruett William S. w m 25     m   F           KY KY KY
8     Letha w f 19   w m   KH           AR TN TN
9     Alexander w m 22   bro s   farmhand           KY KY KY
10   Dickson John w m 23   srv s   farmhand           TN TN TN
11 344/347 King John w m 31     m   F           TN TN TN
12     Mary w f 30   w m   KH         / TN TN TN
13 345/348 White Frank P. w m 30     m   F           AR TN TN
14     Nancy J. w f 25   w m   KH           AR TN TN
15     Thomas w m 6   son                 AR AR AR
16     Estella w f 4   dtr                 AR AR AR
17     Mattie w f 1   dtr                 AR AR AR
18   Taylor James R. w m 21   srv                 AL AL AL
19 346/349 Gentry Jonathan w m 75     m   F           VA VA VA
20     Sarah J. w f 69   w m   KH           GA GA GA
21   Lumpkins Martha w f 20   srv s   cook           VA VA VA
22   Gentry Joseph E. w m 17   g/son s   farmhand           AR TN NC
23     Orville w m 14   g/son     farmhand           AR TN NC
24 347/350 Owen ? Elizabeth J. w f 45     wd   F           TN TN TN
25     Mary A. w f 15   dtr                 TN TN TN
26     James R. w m 14   son                 TN TN TN
27     William L. w m 12   son                 TN TN TN
28 348/351 Greene Aly B. w m 50     m   F           AL AL AL
29     Sarah A. w f 49   w m   KH           TN TN TN
30     Sallie A. w f 19   dtr                 TN AL TN
31     Mary B. w f 15   dtr                 TN AL TN
32     James J. E. w m 10   son                 TN AL TN
33 349/352 Jones Samuel w m 35     m   laborer           TN TN TN
34     Leila w f 27   w m   KH           TN TN TN
35     Louiza w f 10   dtr                 TN TN TN
36     Oliver w m 7   son                 AR TN TN
37     Marion w m 3   son                 AR TN TN
38     Joseph w m 2/12 Apr son                 AR TN TN
39 350/353 Biggs Josiah w m 40     m   F           NC NC TN
40     Senie w f 42   w m   KH           TN TN NC
41     William w m 20   son s   farmhand           TN NC TN
42     Rudisell w m 17   son s   farmhand           TN NC TN
43     Eugene w m 13   son                 TN NC TN
44     Mary w f 10   dtr                 TN NC TN
45     Emma w f 7   dtr                 AR NC TN
46     June w f 3   dtr                 AR NC TN
47 351/354 Dickens William w m 29     m   laborer             O? IN   O?
48     Ophelia w f 26   w m   KH           TN NC TN
49     Dixie w f 13   dtr                 TN   O? TN
50     John w m 10   son                 AR   O? TN



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