Greene County, Arkansas

1890 Reconstructed Census



Mt. Carmel

Last Name

First Name


Aker T.B.

Cr. by Cash

Burton W.C. Mar 14
Bentley W.H. Mar 9
Breckenridge A.G. Apr 10
Brannon E.P. Apr 3
Brannon J.W. Apr 3
Cunningham A.L. Apr 8
Cole H.H. Mar 7
Cunningham J.E. Mar 14
Dial James Apr 11
Fourman S. Apr 9
Fourman J.H. Apr 7
Goldsmith C. Mar 7
Goforth Riley Mar 27
Goodwin W.T. Jan 30
Goodwin J.W. Jan 30
Haygood W.T. Apr 7
Haley N.A. Apr 10
Haley R.J. Mar 28
Haines F.H. Apr 10
Hampton J.H. Apr 10
Haley Mary Mar 28
Heter J.H. Jan 26
Jackson C.P. Mar 11
Krantz R.H. Apr 7
Meddock J.H. Gone to Dist. 62
McKinney J.B. Mar 12
McWhirter J.W. Apr 10
Morgan A.P. Feb 21
McCullough Jaames Jan 31
McCullough J.W. Apr 6
Purcell W.P. Apr 9
Purcell M.F.   Mrs. Apr 9
Prince James Mar 25
Polin G.W. Feb 2
Prince H.W. Mar 23
Prince Sim error in Ass't.
Prince W.B. Apr 4
Raleigh Richard Feb 11
Roberts W.J. Gone
Reed R.L. Gone
Sanders U.S. Apr 10
Walker A. Mar 31
Witt T.C. Feb 21

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