Greene County, Arkansas

1890 Reconstructed Census



Buck Horn

Last Name

First Name


Last Name First Name Date
Aubry Thos


Higgins R. Gone
Andrews Oliver Gone Hart Tom Gone
Banks Peter Gone Hendricks Bob ------
Banks J.C. Gone Knight A.M. Mar 19
Brown Fred Gone Lacewell Henry Gone
Butler Chas. Gone Lackey J.C. Mar 21
Busby W.J. N.P.F. Laws Sam Gone
Breashley G.W. Gone Lane J.P. Apr 10
Berry W.C. Gone Murphy Jim Gone
Biggs F.E. N.P.F. McGown Pat Gone
Biggs W.G. Gone McCrage ------- Gone
Boos I. N.P.F. McFaden David Gone
Breyer Ned Gone Noal B.L. Gone
Blackwood R.P. Feb 11 Ryan A.A. Mar 27
Barlow A. Mar 27 Russell S.H. Apr 10
Burton John Paid Rusher John Gone
Curry W.F. Gone Rice Nick Gone
Claxburgh W.H. Gone Rice John Gone
Carroll J.C. Dead Rosenburgh Henry Gone
Covey L.      Mrs. Apr 10 Rickman Tandy Apr 10
Cupp J.H. Apr 7 Reynolds C. Apr 10
Crisel H.C. Gone Reynolds G.O. Gone
Cupp James Apr 7 Richardson C.S. Gone
Carpenter A.Z. N.P.F. Odillin Pat Gone
Crisel W.H. Apr 7 Pale David Gone
Emder Elis Pd. in Lawrence Sturkey Dan Feb 23
Eavins James Gone Stedman J.E. Apr 7
Densmore W.H. Gone Sperry & Sperry pd/W. Plains
Densmore J.E. Gone Shotwell Shotwell pd/Lawrence
Daniels James Gone Smith James Gone
Duffey James Gone Spoon Fill Gone
Daniels J.R. Jan 13 Swindle W.F. Apr 6
Dacus J.H. Apr 10 Shearwood I.L. Gone
Davis G.W. Mar 22 Simpson Bill Jan 18
Drafton A.J. Mar 26 Taylor H. Gone
Fielder Lucy Feb 12 Thompson James Gone
Friar Joseph Mar 19 Thompkins Jim Gone
Friar E.Z. Mar 19 Windlo J.F. Gone
Farmer Tom Gone Williams Louis Gone
Fry W. Gone Wallas H.T. Mar 27
Fligin James Gone Williams J.P. Gone
Going R.P. Jan 13 Warner A.G. Gone
Going J.B. Jan 13 Wilson Morris Gone
Gaskin G.W. Gone Zick Roof Gone
Guiness G.T. Gone Zick Chas. Gone

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