Greene County, Arkansas

1890 Reconstructed Census



Old Bethel

Last Name

First Name


Carpenter H.A.L. Apr 10
Blackwood G.B. Mar 10
Davis S.M.

Apr 6

Davis Wm. Apr 8
Edings J.H. N.P.F.
Guinn S.M. Jan 13
Hutson J.R. Jan 14
Johnson J.M. Jan 14
Leaves John Apr 10
Like Elias Gone
Marshall Wm. Apr 2
Pankey Albert Feb 24
Pankey J.M. ------
Pankey WM. Apr 2
Ryan Rebecca Jan 13
Seay J.W. Apr 4
Slatton H.C. Jan 14
Stanton John Mar 5
Tenison Mack Jan 14
Tillman J.C. Mar 17
Tredaway Wm. Feb 17
Tucker Joe Gone
Wright G.W. Apr 8
Wright J.W. Jan 14

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