Greene County, Arkansas

1890 Reconstructed Census




Last Name

First Name


Alberts John Gone
Anderson D.C. Apr 10
Anderson H.W. Gone
Anderson Red


Belk Ed Gone
Blair Thomas Apr 10
Break G.W. Apr 1
Brown Frank Gone
Brown Fred Gone
Burns John Gone
Clary Fil Gone
Collins Pat N.P.F.
Conley C.E. Gone
Cooper D. Apr 10
Cox J.F. Gone
Davis Geo Gone
Davis Joe Gone
Dorm J.S. Gone
Dugin Joe Gone
Dugle John Gone
Emerine J.N. Apr 1
Eads E. Apr 10
Fazerlat Peter Gone
Flin J.S. Gone
Ford P. Gone
Fuelt H.L. Gone
Garrel John Gone
Gentry J.E. Gone to Clay Co.
Gray J.W. Jan 29
Hallmark J.R. Gone
Hanes M.H. Gone
Hareweck Louis Gone
Hather Charles Gone
Hemp J. Gone
Hennessee J. Gone
Maning M. Gone
McCaffeny Wm. Gone
McNullet J. Gone
Mitchell John Gone
Monroe I. Gone
Morgan H. Gone
Mosley W.W. Feb 23
Johnson U.S. Gone to Craighead
Kerry W.J. Gone to Craighead
Lafo Bass Gone to Craighead
Ledore C. Gone to Craighead
Nichols I.C. Gone to Texas
Nolan John dbl. ass't
Palmer H.D. Apr 3
Palmer John Gone
Palmer R.B. Apr 7
Palmer R.S. Apr 3
Peterson John Gone
Purham Geo Gone
Richey P.A. Apr 10
Rillin J.S. Gone
Ryan B.B. & P. Gone
Scurlock F. Gone
Swan Chas Gone
Walter Wm. Dead
Welch Wm. Jan 26
West A.J. Gone
White Frank Gone
White Thomas Gone
Wilson Wm. Gone
Yancy W.R. Gone

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