Greene County Arkansas

1900 Federal Census

Surname ~ Township Index

~ P ~ Q ~

Surname Township
Pace Hurricane
Pack Cache
Page Ward 2
Page ? Bryan
Palmer Bryan, Cache
Panhorst Union
Pankey Hurricane, Poland
Panky Cache
Pannell Union
Parham Friendship, Hurricane
Parker Bryan, Clarke, Friendship, Hurricane
Parker Union Ward 1, Ward 2
Parkey Ward 2
Parmer Ward 1
Parrish Hurricane, Ward 2
Parson Mainshore
Partlock Hurricane
Parton Hurricane
Paston? Ward 3
Patrick Mainshore, Ward 1, Ward 3
Pattishall Hurricane
Patton Hurricane, St. Francis, Ward 2
Paul Cache, Poland, Ward 3
Paulin Mainshore
Payne Friendship, Poland, Salem, Ward 3
Peakins Union
Peebles Friendship
Peeples Ward 3
Pegg Poland
Pennenger Ward 1
Penney Cache, Union
Pennington Bryan
Penny Crowley, Union, Ward 1
Penticost Hurricane
Percell Bryan
Perkins Jones, Ward 1
Permenter Ward 2
Perry Ward 3
Peterman Union
Peters Ward 3
Peterson Clarke, St. Francis, Ward 1
Pettijohn Hurricane
Petty Ward 3
Pettyjohn Mainshore
Pevehouse Cache
Pharee Ward 3
Phelps Mainshore
Phemister Clarke
Phillips Spring Grove, St. Francis, Union, Ward 2, Ward 3
Phipps Clarke, Ward 1, Ward 2
Pickens Lake
Pickett Ward 3
Pickrig Ward 2
Pierce Mainshore, Ward 3
Pillow Cache, Poland
Pillows Spring Grove
Pipkins Ward 2
Pistol Mainshore
Pits St. Francis
Poe Union
Poindexter Ward 1
Pollitzer Ward 1
Poplin Shady Grove
Pordue Union
Porter Ward 1, Ward 3
Posy Hurricane
Potter Cache, Friendship, Lake, Ward 3
Pounds Ward 3
Powell Hurricane, Salem, Shady Grove, Union
Powers Clarke, Poland
Pranger Ward 3
Prater Spring Grove
Pratt Shady Grove
Price Cache, Clarke, Poland, Spring Grove
Price St. Francis, Ward 1, Ward 2
Pridemore Jones
Priman Spring Grove
Prince Clarke, Friendship, Ward 3
Pritchet Ward 2
Proctor Jones, Ward 1
Provo St. Francis
Pruett Friendship, Hurricane, St. Francis, Union, Ward 1
Puckett Friendship
Pugh Jones, Ward 2
Pugsley Jones
Pullum Friendship
Purcel Hurricane
Purcell Clarke, St. Francis
Purtle Ward 3
Purvis Ward 3
Pyles Ward 3
Surname Township
Qualls Jones
Quin Poland
Quinn Cache, Salem, Ward 1




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