Greene County Arkansas

1910 Federal Census

Clark Township

Paragould Ward 2

Paragould Sanitarium

District 56

Schedule I--Free Inhabitants in Clark Township, Ward 2, City of Paragould,  In the County of Greene State of Arkansas

Enumerated by John M. Huddleston, on the 5th day of May 1910        


Occ=Occupation: F=Farmer; FL=Farm Laborer/Worker; KH=Keeping House; HK=House Keeper; HM=Hired Man; OJ=Odd   

TPS=Teacher Public School; CK=Cook; MT=Mechanical Tradesman; C=Carpenter; SHR=Section Hand Railroad; BK=Bookkeeper; MG=Merchant Groceries;

 MS=Merchant Salesman; Fn=Furniture; EF=Engineer Factory; SM=Sawmill; HDT=Horse Dealer Trader; H/P=Huckster/Peddler;

TI=Timber Inspector; TM=Teamster; SFH=Sawyer Factory Hand; DM=Deliveryman; HF=Hickory Factory; Hse=House; H/N or N=Head Nurse/Nurse

 SH=Supply Hand; Fac/L=Factory Laborer; PM=Postman; SC=Street Commission; NW=Night Watchman; R=Repair

Rel=Relationship; SL=Son in Law; Wa= Ward; Si=Sister in law; Bi=Brother in law; B=Brother; SS= Step Son; SD=Step Daughter; 

Br=Boarder; Lo=Lodger; Mo=Mother; Mi=Mother in Law; Fi=Father in Law; Ne=Nephew; Ni=Niece; GN=Great Niece; U=Uncle;  

  R=Race; MR=Marital Status; NYM=Number of years Married; NC=Number of children; NL=Number of Children Living; IM=Year of Immigration

EN= England; GER=Germany; IRE=Ireland


               Supplement Sheet

              Page 103

            Sheet 28a     5 May   West Court Street         

# Fam# Surname Name Rel Sex R Age MR NYM NC NL Birth FB MB Occ IM
1 221 JACKSON Sarah M. H W F 58 W 20 ? 0 0 TN TN TN Superintendant/Patients  
2     Henry N. Br M W 42 S       AR TN TN Surgeon  
3     Paul L. Br M W 33 M1 12     AR TN AR Surgeon  
4     Nora Br F W 34 M1 12 2 1 AR AR AR Matron  
5     Henry A. Br M W 3 S       AR AR AR Nurse  
6   SWINDLE Carlee H/N F W 30 S       AR TN TN Nurse  
7   WOODARD Edna N F W 24 S       AR AL TN Nurse  
8   SANDERS Deliah N F W 19 S       IL IL IL Nurse  
9   JOHNSON Venie ? N F W 16 S       MO IL AR Nurse  
10   LOCKRIDGE Bertha V. N F W 19 S       AR GA GA Nurse  
11   MITCHEL Fannie N F W 30 S       TN TN TN Nurse  
12   CASE ? Mary L. ?? F W 15 S       AR TN TN ? House Cleaning  
13   SMITH Nora E. CK F W 20 S       AR IN TN Cook  
14   WESTFALL Nancy CK F W 18 S       AR IL IL Cook  
15   HEAD Minnie N F W 21 S       TN TN TN Nurse  
16   CLEEK Marietta N F W 27 S       TN TN TN Nurse  
  North Pruett Street                            
17 516/601 LAMS/LOWE ? Thomas H M W 44 M1 22     IN OH IN Fac/L  
18     Theresa W F W 42 M1 22 5 4 IN OH OH    
19     Raymond C. S M W 19 ? S       IN IN IN Sales/DG  
20     Viva D F W 16 S       AR IN IN    
21     Gladys I. D F W 10 S       AR IN IN    
22     Ruth N. D F W 1 S       AR IN IN    
23 517/602 McCONNELL Hugh H M W 54 M1 3     IL IL IL ?  
24   STEVENS Lucy CK F W 51 S       MO MS KY Cook/private  
25   MILLER Sophie CK F W 19 S       IN IN IN Cook/private  
26   BALDRIDGE Richard Br M W 70 S       TN TN TN RE/Agent  
27 519/604 BRECKENRIDGE Jeff E. Br M W 32 M1 3     AR MO TN Invalid/Sanitarium  
28     Elizabeth W F W 32 M1 3 2 1 IL KY IL TPS  
29     Yuba D F W 2 S       AR AR IL    
30 520/605 VAUGHN Jessie H M W 54 W 35 5 4 KY KY KY Cook/Restaurant  
31   GOOD John R. Br M W 23 S       IN IN IN Billards/Bowling  
32   MERIWETHER Edwin Br M W 22 S       TN MO TN RR/Laborer  
33   WALDEN Andy Br M W 32 S       GER GER GER Bowling/Ten Pinner 1881
34   GRACE William H. Br M W 36 S       KS IRE IRE Plumbing/L  
35 525/610 KING Moses H. H M W 65 M2 40     KY IRE KY Cook/Restaurant  
36     Sarah M. W F W 58 M1 40 1 1 KY KY KY Cook/Restaurant  
37 526/611 SCHLISCHER Carl L. H M W 37 M1 5     IL GER GER Commercial/Trader  
38     Zoa N. W F W 28 M1 5 2 2 MO TN MO    
39     Fred L. S M W 4 S       MO IL MO    
40     Carl W. S M W 2 S       MO IL MO    
  West Court Street                            
41 527/612 SPENCER John D. H M W 59 M2 32     TN TN TN F  
42     Millie B. W F W 57 M1 32 1 0 KY KY KY    
43 528/613 JOHNSON Ellen H F W 43 M1   1 1 TN VA MS Washwoman/at Home  
44 529/614 WESLEY Zord M. ? H M W 43 M1       IN SC GA Machinist  
45     Mary E. W F W 34 M1   3 3 KY VA KY    
46     Clarence M. D F W 15 S       KY IN KY    
47     Emite D. S M W 9 S       KY IN IN    
48     Cosmo R. S M W 6 S       IN IN KY    
49 530/615 THOMAS Davis J. H M W 56 M1 24     KY KY KY Physician/GP  
50     Bettie W F W 42 M1 24 10 7 TX TN TN Milliner  
  West Court Street 28b May 8                          
51   THOMAS Dora M. D F W 20 S       TX KY TX Teacher  
52     Olga N. D F W 16 S       TX KY TX    
53     Norma I. D F W 10 S       TX KY TX    
54     Carma A. D F W 5 S       TX KY TX    
55     Zelma O. D F W 3 S       MO KY TX    
56     Thelma A. D F W 3 S       MO KY TX    
57 531/616 NONCE Ralph H M W 54 W       TN TN TN Fac/L  




           Page 104

           Sheet 29a   May 5

# Fam # Surname Name Rel Sex R Age MR NYM NC NL Birth FB MB Occ
1 532/617 MATZ Joseph Br M W 74 W       GER GER GER Shoe Shop/Cobbler
2   TROUTMAN ? Minnie CK F W 19 S       AR AR AR CK/private



Here ends the enumeration of Ward 2 Sanitarium Paragould City


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