Greene County, Arkansas  --  Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist 1904

Greene County, Arkansas
Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church

Met Aug. 6th , 1904

Sermon by Bro. L. H. Faulkner

This record is transcribed just like the record some words may be misspelled .

After which the church was called into conference and the minutes of May 1904 were read and adopted the church with new  fellowship from sister Mary Ward and Bro M. Ward for for departing from the faith in Christ. It was decided to hold a series of meetings which lasted till Aug 13th . During the meeting there were twelve added to the church by Baptism.

R.E. McMillon

Ott Woodson

Ona Hester

Phiney Atchison

Dolby Joiner

Mildge Joiner

May Treece

Kate Treece

Dela Robinson

Flora Robinson

Lara McMillon

Aney Ward

4 By Letter

A. Daron

Harriett Daron

W. L. Hicks

Bertha Hicks

One of fourth coming of letters

Sister F. Payne

Nine Restored

J.H. Payne

O. H. Payne

L. D. Williams

Will Fletcher

Hiram Fletcher

Bud Fletcher

Gabe Fletcher

Joe Fletcher

Gill Elmore

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