Greene County, Arkansas ~ Pleasant Grove Graveyard Warranty Deed 1906





That we J. P. Walton and Susie Walton his wife for and consideration of the sum of one dollars do hereby grant, bargain, sell and convey unto the said J. A. and A. Huckabay, Trustees and their successors forever, the following lands lying in the county of Greene and the State of Arkansas, to-wit: A part of the SW of the NE Section 30, Township 19, North Range 7 E. Commencing about 8 hundred feet from the SW corner embracing the present enclosure of the public Pleasant Grove Graveyard containing 1 acre more or less. This deed is subject to a mortgage in favor of J. P. Hasty & son.


To have and to hold the same unto said J. A. Johnston, J. H. Johnston and A. Huckabay, Trustees and unto their successors forever, with all appurtenances thereto belonging and we hereby covenant with said trustees and their successors and I Susie Walton wife of the said J. P. Walton for and in consideration of the said sum of money do hereby release and relinquish unto the said trustees and their successors all my rights of dower and homestead in and to the said land witness our hands and seals on this 14th day of November 1906.

J. P. Walton..............(SEAL)
Susie Walton X (her mark)..............................(SEAL)


State of Arkansas
County of Greene

Be it remembered, that on this day came before me, the Undersigned, A Justice of the Peace with and for the County aforesaid, duly commissioned and acting J. P. Walton to me well known as the Grantors in the foregoing deed, and stated that he had executed the same for the consideration and purpose therein mentioned and set forth. And on the same day also voluntarily appeared before me, the said Susie Walton, wife of the said J. P. Walton to me well known, and in the absence of her said husband declared that she had her own free will executed said deed, and signed and sealed the relinquishment of dower and homestead in said deed for the consideration and purposes therein contained and set forth without compulsion or under influence of her said husband witness my hand and seal as such
 Justice of the Peace this 14th day of November 1906.
My commission expires October 31, 1908, C. A. Johnson, JP


I hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true copy of the original deed filed for rexord in my office on the 20th day of November 1906 at 8 o'clock a. m.

By: W. Light D. C.

J. M. Futrell Clerk and Recorder

Transcribed by: Sandy Hardin