Greene County, Arkansas

St. Francis Hunting Club


The Waucedah Party Organized-The St. Francis Club

Decatur will have the usual number of hunting parties in the woods of Michigan, Missouri, and Arkansas this year. The first one reorganized for this fall's campaign met last night at the city clerk's office. W. B. Chambers, William Tarver, W. H. Starr, Mr. Campbell of Cincinnati, V. H. Parke, and H. F. May were there. The party will be about as large as usual. New members of it will be J. Millikin's and D. A. Maffit. It is Mr. Millikin's first trip to the woods. They will leave September 29th and go to Waucedah, Michigan, staying in camp about two weeks.

One of the oldest hunting parties is that known as the St. Francis Hunting and Fishing Club. It is incorporated and owns tents and other camp equipage to the value of several hundred dollars. Among the members of the club are Harry Midkiff, A. H. Mills, Ed Leech, J. P. Faris, Ike Webb, Tom Hardy and Otho Williams. They will leave just after the election in Missouri.

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