Greene County, Arkansas

Masonic Lodge #368


The first lodge in Paragould. It was chartered as New Bethel Lodge #368, in 1879, George Thornburgh was the Grand Master of the Freemasons in Arkansas. Brother Ransom tells that the first lodge was located above the Shiloh Methodist Church west of town. On November 25, 1884. it moved into the city limits and changed the name to Paragould Lodge #368.

The charter members when Paragould received its dispensation from the Grand Lodge of Ar, located in Little Rock, to do work were as follows:

December 28, 1879 
New Bethel Lodge #368

J. M Douglas
J.P. Lane                           
Riley Diggs                         
C. D. Pruett                        
C. H. Barnhill                     
E. S. Bray
James McDaniel
Josiah Elliott
John J. Lambert
Joseph Wilcockson
J. A. Lane
Winfield Bray
Principal Officers were:

Worshipful Master: E. M. Baker
Senior Warden: Riley Diggs
Junior Warden: E. S. Bray

When the Bethel Lodge moved to within the city limits, it became known as Paragould Lodge #368. The Worshipful Master of the lodge at the time of the change was S.M. Bray. The following list of men have been members and served as "masters" of the lodge. For your information, in the early years of masonry, particularly during the years when horseback was the mode of transportation, masons were required to go to the lodge nearest them. The distance was referred to "as the length of a masons cabletow," which is the equivalent of three miles. On horseback, that would have been a pretty good ride round trip. Perhaps it becomes more apparent why the membership changed the lodge name when they moved into the city limits. 

Past Masters of Paragould Lodge #368


E.U. Baker 1879 R. E. Spillman 1927 Vesper Akin 1969
John Clark 1880  Elmer Harris 1928  John J. McCullom 1970
John Osteen 1881  R.C. Grizzard 1929-30-31 Major R. McDaniel 1971
J.M. Highfill 1882  Charlie Jackson 1932 O. D. McFall 1972
John Osteen 1883 John Purcell JR. 1933 Bill Frazier 1973
S.M. Bray 1884  Harvey Farrel 1934 O. D. Mcfall 1974
G. W. McCulley 1885 Frank Leroy 1935 Claude Younger 1975
G.L. Gentry 1885 C.J. McCue 1936 Ransom Walker 1976
Calvin Wall 1887,1888, 1889 Elmer Harris 1937 Carl Simpson 1977
John Osteen 1890  N.P. Cartwright 1938, 39  Marvin Exum 1978
G.L. Gentry 1891,1892 John Purcell JR. 1940, 41 Majors Arnold 1979
L.C. Thompson 1893 N.P. Cartwright 1942 Ira Perdue 1980
John Osteen 1894 Noel Boone 1943 Cecil Forehand 1981
M. L. Greene 1895  J.L. Cookson 1944 Virgil S. Jones 1982
L. McHaney 1896  M.E. Clifford 1945  James M. Copeland 1983
E.S. Bray 1897 Jean R. Garner 1946 Kenneth Bean 1984
John Osteen 1899 Dale E. Carter 1947 J. T. Kingston 1985
M. F. Collier 1900 James A. Strait 1948 Bob Elliott 1986
J. M. Lowe 1901 H.L. Henson 1949 Larry Fletcher 1987
WIP Robinson 1902  R.W. Kelley 1950 Joe Hurst 1988
Saul Bertig 1903  Hays Triplett 1951 Jerry Black 1989
W. C. Hasty 1904, 1905 Clyde Wood 1952 Jesse C. Howard SR 1990
John R. Thompson 1906 Foster Babcock 1953 J. L. Tyner 1991
W. C. Hasty 1907, 1908 Jimmy Thomas 1954 Burt F. Lee 1992
J. H. McPherson 1909-10 Johnie Mikel 1955

Tom Rorex 1993

W. C. Thompson 1911 R.B. Newberry 1956 Jesse J. Harris '94
J. A. Edwards 1912 Wm. D. Ward 1957 Louie Holland '95
J. H. McPherson 1913 J. H. Grooms SR. 1958 Ernest P. Clark '96
T. H. Lloyd 1914 Marshall E. Jarrett 1959 John R. Chappell '97
R.C. Grizzard 1915 Claude Younger 1960 Leslie O. Payne '98
C. M. Jones 1916 James E. Garner 1961 Hughie E, Lott '99
R.C. Grizzard 1917,18,19,20 James Carl Wood 1962 Jesse J. Harris 2000 
Allen Stewart 1921 Wayne Hinkle 1963 Burt A. Lee 2001
Otho Newsom 1922  Bennett Satterwhite 1964 Judd D. Schug 2002
A.M. Reedy 1923 Floyd Cameron 1965 Leslie Payne 2003
C.D. Vaughn 1924 Floyd E. Spence 1966 Judd D. Schug 2004
R.C. Grizzard 1925 Henry D. Howard 1967 Burt F. Lee 2005
W. C. Thompson 1926 Ransom Walker 1968

The membership has included doctors, lawyers, pharmacist, farmers, railroad workers, store owners, bankers, pastors, as you can see men from all walks of life have been freemasons.



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