Greene County, Arkansas


Sometimes in the 1880's a one room schoolhouse was built on the southwest corner of the John Cooper farm about 4 1/2 miles west of the Dixie railroad crossing. Therefore it was called Cooper school.

It was built on rough sawed lumber boxed and stripped and set on wooden blocks and was about 30 - feet long and 24 feet wide. For several years Cooper school district had only three months school during the winter of each year and the teacher received only $100 for the three month school term.

In 1902 the old house was torn down and a nice one room schoolhouse was built in it's place. It was weathered boarded on the outside and ceiled inside and set on natural rock found on Crowley's Ridge. In 1931 this building was burned. Another school was built and set on concrete foundation. It was used for school purposes until Cooper School was consolidated with Marmaduke School.


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