Greene County, Arkansas

Scatter Creek

From several tiny tributaries in Union Twp., approximately 2 1/2 miles south west of Lafe, Scatter Creek is formed. then channels due north into Breckenridge Township. Shortly after it passes to the west of Hooker, a canal ditch drains it into Cache River. Scatter Creek Community generally refers to the area due west of Lafe. It was never a village as such, but did boast of a good Church and School. Both were located near where Scatter Creek Road turns directly south. The first school was a one room frame building located across the road from Scatter Creek Methodist Church. The school burned in 1911, and a new one was built. Those known to have taught school there include: Lela Bishop, Dick Poole, Albert Jackson, a Miss Garner, Orley Johnston, Myrtle Weddington, Clara Meadows, Roy Walden, Irvin Butler, Elsie Livesay, and Verla Gerdes. The school held classes for all twelve grades in the later years, and at one time had an enrollment of 94 pupils.

Scatter Creek School consolidated with Lafe in 1944. The building was then purchased by the Church and services were held there. A Methodist Church had been built in Lafe approximately fifteen years previously and most of the members left Scatter Creek to attend services in Lafe. However, membership dwindled there, too, and services were finally discontinued. On Nov 14, 1968, the building was purchased by members of the Hurricane Methodist Church, and placed alongside Highway 34, about one-half mile north of old Hurricane, just across the line from Breckenridge Township.

 Transcribed by: Sandy Hardin

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