Greene County, Arkansas

For The Year of 1878 Personal Property Assessed

Transcribed by: Sandy Hardin

The paragraph below is entered on the first page of the tax record book located in the old courthouse basement. I have done these taxes as they were listed in the book. These are listed in townships .


I John H. Huckabay , Assessor for the County of Greene and State of Arkansas being duly - sworn make oath and say that I have made delinquent efforts to as certain all the taxable property being or suitable , or subject to taxation in the County of Greene : That so far , I have been able to as certain the same it is correctly set forth in the foregoing returns ; and that the property therein mentioned is not appraised at less than its true value in money. So help me God

John H. Huckabay - Assessor

Sworn to and Subscribed before me this 23rd day of September A D 1878.

D. B. Warren - County Clerk



St. Francis

St. Francis 2



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